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  1. brannonb

    Gray Skin texture bug/glitch around shoulder and neck with Female Player Character when wearing certain cloth.

    After putting 600+ hours into the game after launch, I've been gone for a while. And man, I am incredibly disappointed to see this glaring in-your-face graphic bug still in the game.
  2. brannonb

    Your Most Painful Looking Screenshot

    Here's mine.
  3. brannonb

    Show me your outfit of choice!

    You can buy them in the Corpo Plaza clothing store.
  4. brannonb

    Is it just me or Judy's voice is much hotter than her body?

    +1 for Claire! I’m hoping for Claire romance options in DLC. She’s got a terrific personal story and is linked solidly into the main plot and V’s world through her job at The Afterlife.
  5. brannonb

    Partial nudity bug???

    The second issue is a result of the game not shrinking your character's breasts. All of the clothing is mapped to the small chest, and if you have selected a larger breast size it'll clip through the clothing. So if you have selected any breast size above the small one, the game reduces your...
  6. brannonb

    Mama Welles Speculation with Female V

    Was Camila at Jackie’s funeral?
  7. brannonb

    [Spoiler] need opinion on Hidden GEM about chickens...

    "Damn near indestructible" "Long shelf life" "A littlle chewey" I'm guessing the gag here was supposed to be that they're RUBBER CHICKENS, but art/animation didn't get the memo or just didn't have time to support it.
  8. brannonb

    [Spoiler] need opinion on Hidden GEM about chickens...

    Wow that's funny! Since there are only 2 chickens, perhaps most of them were taken?
  9. brannonb

    [Spoiler] need opinion on Hidden GEM about chickens...

    I need a screenshot of these "chickens" :-)
  10. brannonb

    Sandra Dorsett/NightCorp and Mr. Blue Eyes mystery solved.....maybe?

    I noted in my most recent play-through that it is possible to kill Sandra Dorsett when you deliver her databank to her. Anyone checked out what effect this has on the rest of the game's stories?
  11. brannonb

    Do you feed your V?

    I think the reason the game doesn't enforce an eat/drink/sleep requirement on V per day is that it would call attention to the passage of each day. Doing the side quests and gigs can take a *long* time, while the main story is constantly telling you that you have very little time left, so that...
  12. brannonb

    Kids with guns! (not just a Gorillaz song)

    Here's a video clip of the scene. (Sorry Google adds this gigantic logo image for no reason!)
  13. brannonb

    Kids with guns! (not just a Gorillaz song)

    Not far from Lizzies I happened on a small cluster of kids in an alley. I watched them for a few moments and realized they were gathered around a dead body, all looking at it. I thought “Oh man, this is what it’s like to be a kid in Night City, the reality of finding dead bodies when you’re out...
  14. brannonb

    Whose bike is this? "Shoot & Ride"

    This bike is always parked outside the Sunset Motel (though it moves around to different spots). It can't be stolen, but other vehicles parked outside the motel can be. This leads me to believe it belongs to a specific NPC maybe, or is part of a quest? Or is it just teasing me? 1616114713...
  15. brannonb

    Do you feed your V?

    I would love to be able to sit down on a bar stool (I want to be able to sit on any chair, really), order a drink, and then have the bartender put it in front of V and let her drink it as we get in the scripted scenes. Same for diners and food. I would love for street vendors to sell food V...
  16. brannonb

    [LORE] Question: Corpo earnings in CP Red/2020?

    I think it's interesting to consider who most people in a cyberpunk setting would call a "Corpo." Obviously a ton of people work for corporations. The clerk at the Buck-a-Slice works for a corporation. People who work in the warehouses. Janitors. But generally when I think of that term, I'm...
  17. brannonb

    “I Love You”?

    “You can’t love that person. You haven’t known them long enough.” Well, okay. What’s the “correct” amount of time? Is love allowed after 4 weeks? 139 days? 1 year and 2 months? I think it’s a little odd to try to to tell other people, or their characters, how long it should take for them to...
  18. brannonb

    River doesn't look like a cop

    Heh, yeah I am familiar with the lore. Been playing CP for 30+ years :) What I'm getting at is that the triggers for cyberpsychosis are poorly understood. What makes one person fall victim to cyberpsychosis while another person with the same mods does not? Obviously people don't go cyberpsycho...
  19. brannonb

    The Highwayman

    Is there any way to open and view the photograph? That seems like a really important thing to be able to do, if the point is to identify the place the photo was taken. I do know there are guides and I can find the location that way, but the photo doesn't appear in the journal. Where is it?
  20. brannonb

    RND Shard Message logic?

    I've found the same shard two different places, and realized that it was because these were the two people who had that conversation, so each of them had a copy. So perhaps it's that?
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