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  1. KeldornOfLatria

    Update 2.1 Patch Notes

    So, there are changes to Cyberware, sound good! But I couldn't find anything about Cyberware Capacity Shards... Anything new on that front? Will we be able to find new shards now?
  2. KeldornOfLatria

    [bug] Cyberware capacity shard drop rate seems bugged

    Does anyone know if CDPR wants to fix this/has acknowledged, that this is a bug?
  3. KeldornOfLatria

    March Season has begun

    5 week season: More time for the new cards to be created? I approve : )
  4. KeldornOfLatria

    Movies / TV Shows!

    HAs anyone here watched "The Rehearsal"? It's completely absurd and I love it exactly for that. Don't want to spoil anything, but if you like absurd humor, try it out without knowing too much. It's on HBO, only six episodes with a duration of half an hour each.
  5. KeldornOfLatria

    Where is the GOG Witcher 3 update?

    I looked for updates, I looked at Beta Channels, I verified the files: Nothing : ( Any tips would be welcome!
  6. KeldornOfLatria

    When you can mod the game, what will you want to do?

    I'll make my favourite card an instant win button. This will save lots of time for me and for the opponents.
  7. KeldornOfLatria

    Is this the end?

    "Witcher Monster Slayer" is being stopped, too. It was just announced: If it doesn't pay, we can't play.
  8. KeldornOfLatria

    Can't change Journey on mobile

    UPDATE: It's fixed now. Thanks : ) In this season (since yesterday, December 6th) I am unable to change my preferred Journey on mobile. Just reached 175 with Aretuza and wanted to change to Dandelion, but the menu doesn't show any of the Journeys, just my Aretuza progress. Any solutions/tips?
  9. KeldornOfLatria

    Is this the end?

    It just comes down to money. CDPR is now too big for its own sake. The people on top got a lucky break with the Edgerunners-push for CP2077 and decided to make 2 new CP games, 5 more Witcher games, all supposedly Triple-AAA, and Gwent just doesn't fit into those big plans, because even as it was...
  10. KeldornOfLatria

    Aretuza, Regis, and Dandelion are back!

    A minor complaint: If you go to your "Contracts"-Tab, choose "Journey" and then: "not yet completed"... The new Journey related contracts don't show up. (But they show up if you choose "All" and then "not yet cpmpleted" – you just have to scroll down a lot.)
  11. KeldornOfLatria

    Patch Notes 10.11

    Seasonal Modes: Bearly Balanced 08.11 - 15.11 Your deck is replaced with 16 Elder Bears with different power. Leader abilities are disabled. Order in all things 15.11 - 22.11 At the start of the match, sort players' deck from highest to lowest provision. Our battle will be Legendary...
  12. KeldornOfLatria

    Patch Notes 10.11

    Can't find any new Journey contracts. (For new Dandelion clothes etc.) Are they somewhere else now?
  13. KeldornOfLatria

    The Saovine event is live!

    I read that just now and all my excess pearls are gone now... I simply didn't know that : /
  14. KeldornOfLatria

    pedestrian NPC should react to the honk sound so players could warn them to get out of the way

    My favourite thing to happen: Leaving a motorbike near V's first apartment building, then after sleeping getting back on it: All pedestrians instantly start panicking: CYBERPSYCHO! :shrug:
  15. KeldornOfLatria

    Why did NCPD attack me for no reason?

    Defund the police!
  16. KeldornOfLatria

    A message from Marcin Iwiński ― co-founder and Joint CEO of CD PROJEKT.

    For me Marcin Iwinski was always the heart of CDPR. You can feel it in this video:
  17. KeldornOfLatria

    Games that made you cry? [SPOILERS]

    I still remember playing Mass Effect 2 on release and getting sucked in so intensely... When I reached the suicide mission and realized that i can choose squadmates for necessary but potentially deadly tasks, I stood up from my chair and started pacing through the room, talking to myself if I...
  18. KeldornOfLatria

    Games that made you cry? [SPOILERS]

    Maybe I'm a little old but a game that still makes me cry is "Panzer Dragoon Saga", especially it's ending song:
  19. KeldornOfLatria

    Is Roach trying to get away from Geralt?

    Geralt loves to struggle a little bit for his girls. Look at Yennefer. He loves her even more because she makes him fight for it...
  20. KeldornOfLatria

    Is Roach trying to get away from Geralt?

    Geralt gets along with girls better. Only exceptions are Dandelion and Zoltan.
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