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  1. SwigginzYo

    Did over ambition harm Cyberpunk 2077?

    Hard to call it over ambition when your marketing for the game was "When it's ready," for multiple years. The game clearly just wasn't ready, the devs knew it, prosumers knew it, and now everyone knows it. The question now is whether CDPR can actually survive on scorched earth. If they get hit...
  2. SwigginzYo

    Any devs or someone in charge reading our shouts?

    Hype is straight up dead home. Right now people are clamoring for basic functionality and performance to be granted. Beyond that? Yes, significant changes need to be added (restored) to the game, but seeing the decision-making coming from CDPR as of late that ship probably sailed a year ago when...
  3. SwigginzYo

    Romances are obviously designed by developers' prejudices and stereotypes!

    Kerry isn't really a stereotypical homosexual apart from his fashion sense though... Have you actually finished his side job? He's just a dude that likes to fuck dudes.
  4. SwigginzYo

    After the PR Blanket Party... Are you Ubisoft, or are you Hello Games?

    Yes... Because USB ceased to exist the second BlueTooth was invented.
  5. SwigginzYo

    After the PR Blanket Party... Are you Ubisoft, or are you Hello Games?

    All of this is why I'm so torn about the game right now. It is by NO MEANS bad, and I've absolutely loved my time so far and still plan to hop right into another playthrough as a different life path after I finish my current run. I'm playing a Stealth Techie right now and still have a ton of fun...
  6. SwigginzYo

    After the PR Blanket Party... Are you Ubisoft, or are you Hello Games?

    Blanket Party: A blanket party is a form of corporal punishment, hazing, or retaliation conducted within a peer group, most frequently within the military or military academies. The victim is restrained by having a blanket flung over him and held down, while other members of the group strike the...
  7. SwigginzYo

    Looking at this launch experience from a different perspective.

    It's called the Silicon Lottery. You can buy dozens of identical piece(s) of hardware and it's rare that any two will have truly identical performance, especially on the PC end where users are typically free to overclock and extract even more performance. You could very well have ended up with...
  8. SwigginzYo

    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    Say what you will, this is an RPG. Gear, Level, and Skill progression are all RPG systems, and your dialogue choices directly affect the outcome of your relationships with NPCs and missions.
  9. SwigginzYo

    Iconic Crafting - Alternatives

    Iconic Weapons in Cyberpunk are incredible, yet there's only one that scales with V's level. Weapon Vendors (maybe just particular ones) should be able to craft items for you, for a fee, like in the Witcher 3. Otherwise, the Tech stat and Crafting ability are basically a requirement if you wish...
  10. SwigginzYo

    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    That makes sense for more linear experiences, but for *any* RPG where you're supposed to be able to determine the outcome there's no reason to force you into a melancholy despite your best efforts. Mass Effect 3 is the prime example, and somewhat similar to Cyberpunk in terms of the stakes for...
  11. SwigginzYo

    Was it the Shareholders?

    PC releases get delayed all the time. We frequently get games months or years after they come out on console. They should have just delayed previous-gen console releases or come out and admitted that they weren't going to be up to par.
  12. SwigginzYo

    is cp2077 favoring firearm builds over katanas?

    There you might run into some issues. Melee isn't bad, fun-wise, but I just don't think it's mechanically strong enough to engage you for a 20-70hr playthrough. For me it's awesome to have to option to pull out my monowire and slap people around for a while, but I couldn't see myself trying to...
  13. SwigginzYo

    Bug Report: Quest - Psycho Killer [16/17]

    I'm at 16/17 because "Smoke on the Water" is bugged for me. I incapacitated the cyberpsycho on the pier for that mission and texted Regina, but it won't close out for me.
  14. SwigginzYo

    is cp2077 favoring firearm builds over katanas?

    Melee is viable 100%. You can go through the entire game with katanas, monowire, mantis, gorilla, etc. Just takes a bit longer for those builds to come together.
  15. SwigginzYo

    crit stat broken and OP so Uncool

    That's something many aren't talking about, genuine mechanics and balance issues. Hopefully something they address, this game deserves a LOT of what ended up missing from the retail launch. This game deserves to be fleshed out and built upon even before DLC and future multiplayer.
  16. SwigginzYo

    Was it the Shareholders?

    This whole fiasco was almost assuredly a financial decision. I'd wager, especially due to the pandemic, they just flat out needed to recoup costs. They probably decided to just bite the bullet and take the hit to their reputation. We just need to see if it was because they were confident that it...
  17. SwigginzYo

    Why I care...

    CDPR still has the opportunity to be "good." There's nothing stopping them from continuing to build on Cyberpunk post-release *and* pre-DLC, it just remains to be seen. However, at the end of the day they're a billion$ company now and a large portion of devs are already slated to begin working...
  18. SwigginzYo

    The fact that there are no mini games is simply beyond me

    We just have to hope that CDPR is still the same company that wants to truly continue to improve over time. There's nothing stopping them from even completely overhauling Cyberpunk and continuously adding things they couldn't manage before release.
  19. SwigginzYo

    [Spoilers likely] What could be the next game's big main story?

    I'm also more concerned with performance and features that are broken/missing. Past that I don't want to think about anything else besides taking the improvements this game deserves and furthering them with the single player expansions.
  20. SwigginzYo

    The lack of 3rd person view

    I still somewhat understand people's gripe with not having a dedicated 3rd person view outside of driving... But that was mostly dispelled after first launching the game. I was instantly pulled into the mirror at the beginning of the Corpo Rat and have only really been taken out by the technical...
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