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    Why Many Players Not Giving GG

    I always GG unless they spam emotes, or unless they start emoting before their last card when they believe they won. Because they don’t have the balls to emote at the beginning and try to back it up, only at the end by being a sore winner. Some of the sweetest wins are when they pull the last...
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    Your most stupid misplays

    Was a bit tired and not paying attention today. I love to play Bekker’s twisted mirror in my monsters deck because it works well with all the 1 power cards I can put out. What can possibly go wrong? Well, how about not paying attention which card is actually the highest (my own Nukurat) and...
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    Reavers Must Be Nerfed Immediately!

    Here's the thing about the Reaver deck: 1. They can put out huge power for 2 out of 3 rounds. 2. You MUST make them play lots of cards in round 1. DO NOT pass early if you are losing, or you're in a world of trouble. If you can force those Reavers out before round 3, you have a good shot at...
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    Petition: Please, return Villentretenmerth to His previous Glory

    I agree. why would I use a precious gold slot for a scorch card that takes 3 turns to activate, yet only get 8 points in return? Sorry, but thats no where near good enough. Those who say its better because of not scorching your own unit are not using Villen in the right type decks.
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    So I was thinking about weather....

    You know what's cool about weather now? You can actually run it if it has synergy with your deck without fearing too much weather removal. Nobody runs 3 clear skies anymore, which is good for the game. I like the way weather is now you get a few ticks of damage per round, seems fair. I brought...
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    Nilfgaard Reveal - What do you think?

    I always have fun playing against reveal decks. Seems pretty balanced but a little predictable. I mean, you know the spotters are coming late round 3 but sometimes you may not have the tools to deal with them. Or, they know all your cards but there is nothing they can do about it. I like how...
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    First impressions of the hotfix

    I've been playing sort of a monsters buff/swarm hybrid with 2 mardreome and succubus for the double scorch -5 for removal. Works better than anything else i've tried, of course thats just in casual though. No idea why i'm still using water hag with weather the way it is and all the armour out...
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    Weather post patch

    Yeah I like the changes but the one for Aeromancy can ruin a nice little combo for one of my decks. RIP Eithne -> Natures Gift -> Aeromancy -> White Frost for the 3x DBP buff (and that's after i've already used White Frost and Natures Gift for more value)
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    Gaunter can be fun

    Agreed, Gaunter is simply not a competitive card. It's fun to use though. I think it has the potential to be devastating being able to choose any card you want if you win the guessing game, but at 5 points its too big of a risk. I use the card as I picked it up in a keg a few days ago so I try...
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    Gaunter can be fun

    No Title Here's a crazy one that just happened today using Gaunter in my monsters deck. Guy wins round 1 and bleeds me for cards in r2. I win r2 but had to use all my cards while he had 1 left. So of course for round 3 I draw one last card, and guess who it is!? LOL So I Gaunter, win the...
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    Gaunter can be fun

    Gaunter can be fun Look, I know Gaunter is not all that great but it can be pretty funny. I did Gaunter, won the gamble, then played Ithlinne to make sure those elves are guzzling down potions till their little forest pansy stomachs burst! LOLOLOL
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    Quit hating and embrace the bears!!!!!

    Agreed, I feel the problem with SK is not so much in the bears, it's more about Morkvarg and Hjalmer. How easy it is to keep buffing Mork, how easy it is to activate Hjalmer plus everyone using renew its like 50 good strength over 2 rounds. Sure you can do some stuff to Mork but it's not hard to...
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    Analyzing every Anti-Weather / Weather-Support card

    All too often the old days were "haha I have the last card so I win". Guy plays an aeromancy or a first light and there would be a crazy points swing that points wise doesn't make the match look close, but in actuality it just came down to the last card which just wasn't right. It's not so much...
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    Is foltest all anyone plays in ranked?

    NVM my bad, Regis only looks at bronze cards lol
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    Is foltest all anyone plays in ranked?

    Foltest machine deck with witchers and nenneke seems really strong right now. I know my deck is not optimal but they blast right through my weather, summoning 3 witchers twice nevermind all the machines. Can't keep up with that kind of power. Crones doesn't even come close and nenneke is hard...
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    Why is everyone using Renew?

    Anybody try using renew on Ithlinne in a ST spell deck? Does it work well? I thought about doing this but still havn't crafted a single card yet outside 2 crones since OB.
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    Taking a hiatus from Gwent

    Just do what I do, don't invest in any faction and play casual just to get bonuses and hoard kegs. Its easy to get 2 kegs a day without much playing. Heck, you don't even have to play out the full match just go all in r1, win the round them forfeit. Quick way to get the bonuses done. Open the...
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    The rage quitting in unranked need to stop......

    Yeah.. always play until the end you never know what can happen. I always GG unless they spam emotes after they know they have already won with 1 card left. I notice this in casual a fair amount. Like seriously, anybody can do that after you know you've won. So where was all that at the...
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    Kegs Drop-rate Analysis (Premium, Silver, Gold)

    I find you don't have to play very long to get 2 kegs a day. Maybe just keep hoarding them and wait for something to change. That's all i'm doing right now, of course if you want purchase kegs to save time I totally get that as well.
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    How to be casual and still win some

    How to be casual and still win some So in this discussion I would like to talk about how to be casual and collect cards without losing all the time. This is for people like me who are still on the fence about heavilly investing in a faction at the moment. Its about getting those daily's done...
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