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    Did Balls to the Wall... get harder?

    I recently started my first PL playthrough and I gotta say; If Hansen didn't have company to keep the enemy scavs busy, I dunno if I could survive the encounter since you can't leave the area. And honestly, f that auto-save point, that's my actual complaint. You do the whole car chase, only to...
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    CD Projekt Red should add more clothing options

    Well this is fantastic news, can't wait for transmog system! I wonder what kinda fashion styles will be introduced with this new clothing store update...
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    The 2 things that this game needs most

    I have to disagree but obviously you have the right to have your own opinion. My most needed 2 things are: 1) Lifepath specific questlines, rewarding the player with unique gear. 2) Deeper customization options, like when they were promoting the "Styles" in Night City. Honestly, game has enough...
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    Is there still a chance to see the subway implemented in Night City? 🚇

    My guess would be a no to OPs initial question but gotta say, in Mafia 2002, trolleys and trains were quite fun options for transportation. Traveling the city by elevated railway in CP2077 would be awesome since city looks great. Functioning explorable subway line on the other hand, would...
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    [Spoiler] I did the unthinkable don't kill me

    We can't loot his body right?
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    Everything Disappears and Reappears

    Ye we shouldn't necro threads from months ago.
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    [patch 1.3] My car was blown up, but I drove on ...

    You are on fire friend! :cool:
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    1.3 Ongoing Bugs List

    You could be right, did few more runs just now(I knock razor out no matter how much HP I got left btw, he goes for the KO hit, he gets zapped-sometimes it takes 2 zaps to KO him- and he loses) and I think devs should look into this quest regardless because, after you talk to razor about your...
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    1.3 Ongoing Bugs List

    Haha yea my V doesn't have the heart, he only has like 10 body.. :cry: (so never invested in hearts) But he has legendary microgenerator (just checked). The thing is, I am pretty sure it didn't kill Razor in older builds of the game with microgenerators shockwave. So I was surprised earlier...
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    1.3 Ongoing Bugs List

    Yep happened to me too. Actually I am glad it happened because I went to fight him again and found out that he's not that of a broken enemy anymore; apparently devs tuned him down. He still can 1 or 2 shot you tho, that's still stupid in my opinion :coolstory: OH! Also, if you lose the fight...
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    Why is boxing trash?

    Worst aspect of the game.. Honestly, I don't understand how people can defend this broken mechanic. CP2077 boxing quests making the w3 troll boxing quest look like it's a childs play. Balancing their games wasn't their strongest suit. I'll never forget w2 first letho fight.
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    Patch 1.23

    Very happy with this patch; actual performance boost on my old gen PC. Keep them coming CDPR but also keep this in mind: Community still wants this game to deliver what's been promised before the release, such as; # An alive city, more interactions, better AI # Deeper customizations # More...
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    Boxing Is Actually Fun

    I strongly have to disagree OP but I am glad someone has enjoyed it..
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    not even a good bait, jesus... :coolstory:
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    Why are lifepaths so disappointing?

    I tried to reach the lead quest designer with something similar to this. Lifepath specific, series of meaningful quests with unique rewards would still salvage the lifepath feature im my opinion. ...since this would be too much to handle for them at this point. Wish we could get this tho :sad:
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    Keanu-Punk 2077

    I know some of you guys certainly do but I can't really complain about game being "Keanu-Punk" His character was fun, tried to make his point throughout the game, agreein or not is up to the player. Oh and saying "Silverhand has more screen time than V" is just ridiculous, come on...
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    Extension and Point of no return

    Highly unlikely. Imagine the expansions as series of new quests and places to explore before the ending, nothing else. Then again we don't have the necessary info to speculate things yet.
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    What about Multiplayer?

    Ok apparently there's been some development on MP and MP mode will be included with this title, didn't know that.
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    What about Multiplayer?

    B-but the planned multiplayer game is not gonna be a part of this title :facepalm:It is a seperate project.
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    Patch 1.2 — list of changes

    Think I will play Aldecaldos ending again to see if they actually fixed the couple progress blocking actions/events because I didn't see them specifying those in the hotfix list. Great to see they are working on those tho.
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