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    Any long-time players here? Has the game gotten better over time?

    I have quit this game few months ago. My favourite part of the game was playing around unique mechanics and finding surprising interactions in deck builder. However, the devs had been removing interesting/unique cards since Homecoming launch and replacing them with generic ones. Their most...
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    State of the Game

    I think the introduction of token manipulation was a mistake, it hasn't brought anything valuable to the game except even more binary gameplay. Poison has always been a terrible mechanic and should be removed instead of expanded. Personally I stopped playing this game after they removed...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to the next generation!

    Hello, maybe restore some pre-downgrade quality, things mentioned in this video? You could improve lighting, particles (including clouds and fog), draw distrance, LODs, textures, foliage and enable more shadows. Some of that was already done by mods but I'm sure you can do it better.
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    Update 4.0 Patch Notes

    Good job on continuous replacing unique abilities with generic ones.
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    Omówienie aktualizacji 4.0

    Zamienianie unikalnych umiejętności z nudnymi trwa nadal. Z tego powodu okropna aktualizacja (dobrze że chociaż pancerz wrócił).
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    Brouver Hoog first challenge bug

    Brouver Hoog first challenge bug I am trying to pass through Brouver Hoog challenge, the last one left. Unfortunately, after winning first of three games, on the score screen when I click "exit", the game freezes and after restarting, the challenge is not completed. Frequency of the...
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    Game crash when clicking ´Next´ at Daily Rewards when a match has finished.

    Thanks for merging! I hope the next update is going to fix the issue.
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    Game crash when clicking ´Next´ at Daily Rewards when a match has finished.

    Score screen bug Hello! I suffer from the following bug: After game, when I am in score screen, there is a risk that my game will crash by pressing "next page" button (gwent.exe has stopped working). I had similar issue one month ago(before patch), game crashed sometimes after pressing "log...
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    Game is WAY too hard for new players.

    I did the same! The best solution!
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    How many cards you own?

    No chances for me, I completly transformed all factions beside nilfgaard and neutral into scraps ;p Collecting ST at the moment so I wil have 2 factions to play (finally, because lvl 34). However, I don't regret it at all.
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    List of all GWENT Character Voice Lines

    I recognize a lot of quotes from books.
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    What will be the long term motivating goals to play Gwent?

    I guess the long-term goal is to have your account wiped when open beta arrives.
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    Rest in peace Spotters.

    Very sad change
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    Geralt Noobni everywhere

    Geralt: Igni just destroys reveal and spy NG (usually impera brigade and spotters are heavily buffed).
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    Geralt Noobni everywhere

    I agree, Geralt:Igni should be nerfed
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    Ambush pretty OP right now

    I love playing against ST ambush with my NG reveal deck ;p
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    Emhyrs and Francesca to weak? Avallach to strong?

    Emhyr 1: Reveal 3 cards, choose one of them to return it to opponent deck and draw another card. Reveal this card (actually one card mulligan, probably it is too random/luck based). 2: Reveal 3 cards, choose mark one of them for one round. If opponent plays this card, deal 3 dmg 2 times to...
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    Bekker Twisted Mirror and Quen Sign need buff/rework

    Bekker Twisted Mirror and Quen Sign need buff/rework Bekker is too random card and therefore - unreliable. Quen Sign doesn't protect against D-bomb and mardroeme.
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    Tactics against NR gold

    I also struggle against NR Henselt.
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    Ambassador > Randomness

    /support Ambasador is sometimes incredibly annoying to play. Delete randomness from this card please. Sometimes he just buffs already buffed unit, so scorch or geralt:igni completly destory it, also there is a risk that you will buff opposing spy unit when playing vs NG.
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