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  1. Shoklen

    Funniest Bug You've Ever Encountered

    Bike went full "ghost rider". Traffic crashed into my parked bike, was on top the bike till it exploded along with the AI truck. AI then took over my, now on fire, bike and it spun in circles till it up-righted itself and drove off... I caught up to it stuck in traffic, a husk of a bike and...
  2. Shoklen

    [SPOILERS] Everyone VS Adam Smasher

    Quite some time ago, but always an awesome watch. :)
  3. Shoklen

    How Did CDPR make Jakie such a fan favorite? (includes spoiler about Jackie)

    I never really connected with him... He wasn't badly done or anything, just never connected...
  4. Shoklen

    Photo Contest results are in!

    Congratulations everyone!
  5. Shoklen

    {***** SPOILER ALERT *****} - Rogue does not fit what she should look like.

    Sorry for the crap resolution... But apparently there is something to these email scams people receive.. haha.. "Forever Young"..
  6. Shoklen

    Finished my 2nd playthrough with female V

    Yup I did the same... I am on my 3rd playthough but taking my time and just playing off and on, a little here and there. Trying my best to do a "stealth takedown only" run... It's been tricky; but Nice and slow.
  7. Shoklen

    Where's my cat?

  8. Shoklen

    [PS5] Rough landing trophy - how?

    Can it work on pedestrians? I got my Trophy for "3 killed" while hacking a grenade in a gang members pocket... He was surrounded by pedestrians at the time; pedestrians have next to no HPs.
  9. Shoklen


    Not sure I'd even want the "6 month" Jackie content...
  10. Shoklen

    Who is feeding nibbles?

    1/4 teaspoon olive oil 2.7 grams of vitamin/mineral supplement 30 grams of potato, cooked without skin 50 grams of carbs (cooked pasta, white rice, barley, oatmeal, peas) 83 grams of cooked protein (whole meat gonk, hobo, or arasaka terrorist)
  11. Shoklen

    Who is feeding nibbles?

    Its got a fully stocked burrito vending machine - it will take a very long time, long enough the apartment will be leased once again since you are already behind on rent, and up and leaving I'm sure breaks the lease... Since cats are "rare" he will prob be sold-off for smack... :-/
  12. Shoklen


    I don't mind added scripts - but just no "insta-death" scripts; hate those like I feel most do... That was the worst while raiding in mmos.
  13. Shoklen

    [bug] Judy won't open the apartment doors

    Might be able to sneak in thru the window - but it would bypass the quest scrips I bet. heh.
  14. Shoklen

    Smart Link or Ballistic Coprocessor?

    Just really love the Smart Sniper Rifle and popping gonks in the head at long distances. :)
  15. Shoklen


    Its a tricky one this is... If someone isn't spec-optimized fights can be very difficult and long on any setting of "normal" or higher currently; same goes for if you push thru the game at a low level. Then if you couple "very hard" with being very low level; encounters are extremely deadly or...
  16. Shoklen

    Increase The Level Cap

    There are many threads on how easy this game is even on very hard, just have to spec correctly and actually aim the weapon your firing. Just saying. Sorry.. maybe 8 bullets... you got me. As far as videos goes, nice, but you can look them up yourself on the tubes.
  17. Shoklen

    [SPOILERS] Everyone VS Adam Smasher

    **Smasher punches Pam in the face and says: "You are nothing..."** (0:45) Lol...
  18. Shoklen

    Is it just me or Judy's voice is much hotter than her body?

    Love Judy's voice... I also love female V's voice (English)... specially when she is joking around. Pam's voice is good too, but I like Judy's a bit more.
  19. Shoklen

    Increase The Level Cap

    I mainly use Dying Night with the 50% headshot bonus.... I'll have to checkout the secret ending; sounds like the much needed challenge I've been looking for. :)
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