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  1. Cyb3RuHk0On

    Personal lore/ways to play

    I returned to the game after having to stop as I am a full time carer for both parents and myself having a partial disability, but I have found the time each night to play a little and actually a way I've always wanted to when CP2077 was first announced all those years back and more importantly...
  2. Cyb3RuHk0On


    Sadly I will not be continuing my journey in the cyberpunk universe, mainly because my pc is still staying around the old system requirements and at that time CP2077 was released, I was looking after my mother who had a stroke and breast cancer followed a couple years after. My father at the...
  3. Cyb3RuHk0On

    I don't think the final nail in car customization has been laid just yet

    Hhmm, I was thinking today maybe they should have the shop front where V bought her Archer and there you have a panel display that goes through all the already different vehicle looks in the game right and on top of that colour schemes. I mean that would be the easiest way I think to at least...
  4. Cyb3RuHk0On

    Cyberpunk 2077 GOTY Datashard version

    Something that I thought would've been great when Cyberpunk 2077 was originally released was to have the installation files on a usb flash drive shaped as a datashard. So now there's been news of a GOTY version of the game coming, maybe have one come in a datashard storage case?
  5. Cyb3RuHk0On

    1.6/1.61 - Ongoing Bugs List

    Yup, already done before posting, also tested it on another character incase it was a save issue, but definately the game not liking something at that point :(
  6. Cyb3RuHk0On

    1.6/1.61 - Ongoing Bugs List

    Just tested this If I create a Epic item and upgrade to Legendary, that's fine. It is from Rare to Epic only with/without upgrading the item first that the game crashes.
  7. Cyb3RuHk0On

    1.6/1.61 - Ongoing Bugs List

    I've reported a crafting bug that has started in 1.6 for me where I upgrade items from blue to purple quality, but as soon as I press the upgrade tab to improve the item, the game crashes. This is also not the cascaded shadow issue as I have tested that.
  8. Cyb3RuHk0On

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

  9. Cyb3RuHk0On

    Cyberpunk Edgerunners Netflix Show !Spoilers!

    I'm actually hoping that the series does actually get a physical release :)
  10. Cyb3RuHk0On

    Cyberpunk Edgerunners Netflix Show !Spoilers!

    CDPR could always release the series on Blu-ray via their site only
  11. Cyb3RuHk0On

    What could appear in the game - Cyberpunk 2078 ?

    Yeah or something like you have a choice to tell the npc you have something to do and will contact them when you are done and when you do contact them, they choose the location date/time for the meetup. Sometimes they'd only give you a set amount of time for you do your "side mission" otherwise...
  12. Cyb3RuHk0On

    Vehicle customisation

    I would like to see some form of vehicle customisation make it into the game, even if it is just a basic model swap of vehicles already going about in the game, but ideally something where we could turn a Thornton Colby into a sporty looking car?
  13. Cyb3RuHk0On

    What could appear in the game - Cyberpunk 2078 ?

    Going by the lore of CP2077, the AI is predicting another Corpo War, so that maybe?
  14. Cyb3RuHk0On

    With which gender do you prefer to play videogames in general? [Poll] [Spoilers]

    I play as my gender (female) as for me it feels weird trying to play male characters in games like this
  15. Cyb3RuHk0On

    Sleep Timer

    Yeah, thought it would just use the same time mechanic already built in you can use for skipping time.
  16. Cyb3RuHk0On

    Sleep Timer

    I would like to see an option for choosing how long you sleep, as there just might be those days of a sand storm, torrential rain or wanting to be lazy/implant pains and you don't want to get out of bed.
  17. Cyb3RuHk0On

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    This one I really love, because it was a sunrise during a really foggy time. Her clothing is something I'd feel more comfortable wearing than the the other shinier, more expensive clothing (Jeans from Stylish along Goldsmith St.). My Nomad V probably represents me the best in the game, love...
  18. Cyb3RuHk0On

    No Jake Armitage in Afterlife?

    I kinda would've thought with a lot of the easter eggs in the game, one of the most obvious would be to find Jake Armitage from the Shadowrun RPG series to be in a locker somewhere inside the Afterlife?
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