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    ( 1.07 ) Slow Walk is gone

    Then why wasn't the removal of walking just limited to the new control options? Many of us like to walk around, this is why I'm not playing right now.
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    ( 1.07 ) Slow Walk is gone

    Not being able to walk is really annoying.
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    Knew they'd nerf.

    Something was effective, so basement dwelling masochists cried. I thought I left the incessant nerf threads behind on the D3 forums. And this game is even more of a single player experience...jesus.
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    Stash system

    These are the same people who wanted there to be functioning gas tanks in GTAO...smh
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    Why can't we seduce....

    This is one of the areas I wasn't expecting to feel lacking. Mostly because I wasn't personally invested in the whole romancing part of TW3. However it was done really well, and quests like the iron maiden I feel were really well crafted. Even though people boil it down to she will sleep with...
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    Patch live on Consoles but not PC, seriously!

    Mom he has more cake than me!
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    POLL: More expansions for the Witcher 3 or a new Witcher 4 game?

    I assume after the expansions the rest of the team will be moving over to Cyberpunk, unless they already have another project to start on. Aside from more DLC I doubt we will see any more Witcher in the near future.
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    Showing the map with one click

    Always mess around with the touch pad to test functionality. I just wish the speaker was used a bit.
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    Interact with merchants blocked sometimes?

    Seems to be a general bug with any npcs, I notice it more with ones that are sitting down, have to walk up to them at just the right angle at the right distance, can be tedious.
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    After Game Disappointment

    The end game is fine. You people seem mad that CDPR isn't holding your hand. If you want to do those quests, then do so before they aren't available anymore. No different than any other quest line that can be missed. Nobody is forcing you to keep playing. Restart if you want. Somehow the most...
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    Lack of variety in Sex scenes

    All? I felt I made a rather salient point. The lack of variety in the acts is not a problem at all and shouldn't be the draw. I want more interesting quests and the ability to romance an elf or a succubus etc. Could be the same animations, as that's not the draw personally. But yea feels like...
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    Personal Storage chest ingame ?

    I don't like the idea of having to travel to a fixed location/locations to access my inventory. A couple changes could easily make things better. 1. Armor/Weapons you have equipped don't add to your burden(I find myself shying away from heavy armor currently) 2. Reduce weight of Trophies to...
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    Petition to increase the font size

    Font is fine, and it was fine before they enlarged it. If they increase the size anymore it better be optional.
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    How Many Hours you have in the game?

    I'm well over 200, but as I like to idle from time to time, 200 is a safe guess.
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    MAX LEVEL is 70? Will the 2 expansions push that to 100? Wait so, IF YOU DON'T BUY EXPANSIONS...

    lol I love when uninformed people come to the forums babbling. 1. The expansion pass is only $25 2. If you don't buy the expansions then there will be no need to be a higher level as you won't have the additional content.
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    TW3 is my favourite rpg of all time. anyone else feel like tw3 ruined every other rpg, and feel discouraged from other games

    The Witcher 3 is a 10/10, can't wait for the expansions and DLC. I also can't wait for Batman in a few days and later this year, MGSV, Fallout 4, Mad Max, Battlefront, indies like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture etc. and I could go on. E3 was great to see that developers are finally getting a...
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    Gwent cards location

    Not really a list, but starting with the first gwent tutorial, you just challenge anyone you can in the white orchard area. I know the inkeeper there has some cards to buy. Check all merchants/armorers etc, anyone you can buy stuff from, in every town you come across. Not only are you able to...
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    Whilst this game has set the bar XP is far too easy....

    Some people just make builds that are fun, instead of going online to find maximized builds then complain the game is too easy. I keep spamming quen WHY AREN'T I TAKING DAMAGES!?!?
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    Got us good

    About as much civility as I expected in a thread like this. Is it really that hard to insult someone without insulting an entire race? [Sard Edit: it isn't...and the first is bad while the second will earn them a lengthy stay away.]
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