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    Dimeritum Bombs (minor spoiler inside)

    You are obviously not finished with the story. You will find out later Edit: as this has been moved I can now say you will need them against the Wild Hunt.
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    This is very needed. I dont see a reason not to have it in game, if its not added maybe someone could mod it in, but this isnt skyrim and the engine is perfectly capable of handling cloaks the right way. IMO it wouldn't be too much of an issue for me if there was some clipping either. And lore...
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    Is there any cool armor?

    Hoping they do infact bring wolf school armor upgrades in the dlc. I also really want a cloak. Could be an issue for people who have gotten rid of the Kaer Morhen armor long ago though with the dlc...
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    I did it CDPR, 100% on The Witcher 3.

    So happy im at 80 hours and I havent even done a quest in Skellige yet. Remember finishing up oblivion and skyrim so quick a few years back that I didnt want to rush games ever again. I usually walk everywhere and spend a lot of time just taking it all in :P I dont want this world to get boring fast
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    Worst looking armor you've found?

    this one :comeatmebro:
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    The Katakan is impossible on Death March (Level 13).

    Nobody is trying to provoke you, and even how much dark souls and bloodbourne you have played and how good you usually are at hard games it doesnt sound like you know what you are doing.. You need to spend quite a bit of time to kill it, and you also need a fairly good silver sword. If you are...
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    CDPROJEKT RED, Give us NewGame+ Please! Vote to show your support!

    This, I'm only level 20 on this save and main quest is getting easy. Will start over and I intend to take it even slower on a new save so new game + isnt very tempting. A small detail I want is to be able to see what level a Mission is BEFORE you accept. So I dont feel afraid to explore because...
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    Griffin armor is hideos

    Where do you get them? Horse races? I am in Skellige at level 20 and have yet to see one in my 70 hours. Have only ever seen the ones with 70+.
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    Griffin armor is hideos

    Same, this game isnt too hard (IMO) even on death march that I dont need to be too strict on skills and what I wear, I wear ursine gauntlets and chestpiece for the nice looks and feline for boots and trousers for the stamina regen, also have enough sign abilities active so that stamina is not a...
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    Its not an issue at that level. Im on death march myself currently level 20 and if I meet a gang of level 15 bandits I will rek them...
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    If my weapon is drawn, allow me to parry and dodge

    Disagree. You wont get killed by an archer in the time it takes you to get close enough to enter the combat stance, they usually dont 1 shot or even 2 shot on death march... Not even 3 shot. tells me you just need better gear :p ---------- Updated at 10:19 PM ---------- I am playing on death...
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    Redanian Halbedier's armor - Long red armor

    I stopped looking for cool armor cause I had no luck, have ursine armor and feline now though so its ok :P I did find the redanian halberdier armor before I left Novigrad though. Still I prefered mag deira and cidarian cavalry(?) over it personally when I got ingame with it. Ursine armor...
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    Problem with Gwent? Getting owned by the AI? Want some tips? call: 0800-SCORCHED

    I find I own everyone I come across now :P pretty much played everyone I can in Velen and Novigrad, I have a full Northern Realms and a full Nilfgaardian Empire deck. I play people and I can pretty much just place all my cards both rounds and win. Time to try the tournament? Tips for people to...
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    Witcher vets - is this the norm?

    Not sure how you guys are playing. Im level 19 still not in Skellige, that means yes i've done a TON of sidequests and exploring and witcher contracts. My equipment has only been damaged so bad I HAD to repair it maybe twice. Whenever you go into town you should always meditate if you havent...
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    Redanian Halbedier's armor - Long red armor

    Will be sure to do that, though i'm now level 9 and still no luck in finding any armors (or diagrams) for good looking armor :(
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    Igni is tremendously weak or what?

    Not really far in the Main questline either, level 9 currently. Most enemies that Yrden has been useful on has been on contracts. Im playing on a difficulty easier than you but I warn you on taking on too high level missions :P Always be prepared Bumping it up to Death March too I think. Just...
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    Redanian Halbedier's armor - Long red armor

    The griffin armor?
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    Redanian Halbedier's armor - Long red armor

    ^ Its weird how I cant find any pictures of the witcher gear :/ I think i've seen the Cat School gear has a sleeveless armor though, sadly as I want a good looking light armor.
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    Where are you guys buying bomb diagrams?

    Herbalist outside oxenfurt, slightly northeast I believe
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    Redanian Halbedier's armor - Long red armor

    Cant really find any pics of the armors you get by doing the scavenger hunts, can someone post if they have?
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