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  1. Seifer97

    Project Orion Wishlist

    please CDprojekt don't give up the FPS view... there are already a lot of TPS games... without this FP view cyberpunk 2077 would not be what it is now… a masterpiece
  2. Seifer97

    Patch 2.11

    Thk you for this patch but No FSR 3 unfortunatly
  3. Seifer97

    Project Orion Wishlist

    I just want more amazing stories and amazing characters in this universe! and maybe a little more interaction :D
  4. Seifer97

    Project Orion Wishlist

    Jeancastex 😂😂xD
  5. Seifer97

    Please, CDPR; Make a full game Editor for its future

    Maybe one day like they are working on the same thing with the witcher 🤞
  6. Seifer97

    Update 2.1 Patch Notes

    thk you for this amazing work!! But we have a problem… we want MORE and MORE of cyberpunk ! :D
  7. Seifer97

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    can’t wait to see it !! and maybe deceptious and other modders like mrbill or ashii who are excellent modders will all complement this with amazing mods 😁
  8. Seifer97

    REDstreams summary and recap

    Hang out with partner?? It’s a fake?
  9. Seifer97

    Tune in to REDstreams to learn more about Update 2.1

    NG+ and ( all deceptious mods to improve interactions :D)
  10. Seifer97

    Cyberpunk 2077 has a canonical ending?

    I read that when they announced a sequel for cyberpunk and the witcher, trilogy for the witcher, which will not be the case for cyberpunk. moreover with the new ending of the DLC, it would be totally impossible to adapt gameplay without cyberware (I mean it would not be interesting for the...
  11. Seifer97

    Freedom of action for main NPC`s

    I agree with you. I hope that cdprojekt will make this universe even more alive. They did an exceptional job with the story. they ll have to improve on the open world and important NPCs. we will already see what GTA 6 does at this level, it will give us an idea for the future
  12. Seifer97

    Cyberpunk 2077 has a canonical ending?

    cdprojekt has always specified that the next The Witcher would be a trilogy which is not the case for Cyberpunk 2077. I m very attached to the characters present in the game and I would have liked more follow up on the game but unfortunately this is not the case. we will have another character...
  13. Seifer97

    Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

    judy and V who take advantage of their free time in night city at the lizzie's and their night ;) I hope that someday CDPR will do more for this incredible character. for now a big thank you to the modders
  14. Seifer97

    Keanu-Punk 2077

    johnny's story is very well developed. but unfortunately V remains a walking coffin the whole game ... this character of V (which I appreciate a lot) should be really developed in the big dlc or even a sequel, she / he deserves it because she had to support johnny for several weeks ^^
  15. Seifer97

    What happened to the female "V" from 2018? (Poll Inside)

    still no news of a possible addition of FemV 2018 in the presets? it's a shame not to be able to create it without mod on console ... It's as if we were introduced to geralt in the trailer for the witcher and then he disappears in the final game ... in fact they would just have to add her eyes...
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