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  1. Jorgieus

    Saves PS5 corrupted

    Clearing cache?
  2. Jorgieus

    Saves PS5 corrupted

    Many people on PS5 are having issues with their save files after saving while playing the DLC, this bug is making the dlc unplayable because you constantly lose all your progress and it destroys your save file.
  3. Jorgieus

    Still no new plus?

    Honestly it's been a long time now it shouldn't of been hard to patch this in, so we can edit our Vs and keep items and collect ones we missed instead of starting from nothing. Also would be better for us veterans to experience the updates from a new game plus point.
  4. Jorgieus

    Patch 1.23

    Can you guys please fix the GIG "Going-Away Party" I made a post about this month's back and no response or fix, the car and npc is constantly stuck underground so I can't fix the quest.
  5. Jorgieus

    Getting back in dicky twisters locked doors.

    For anyone like me that forgot to get the legendary inside here's a way of getting back in and out.
  6. Jorgieus

    Why was the voodoo boys and the animals so under used?

    Voodoo boys story arc was so minor and did the animals even have a leader like the rest of the gangs? Both felt so under used, you actually lost out of a legendary coat if you didn't kill the voodoo boys plus they're where the most unlikable back stabbers in the game that didn't show up again in...
  7. Jorgieus

    Ba Xing Chong is so OP and satisfying to use LOL

    It's fun but not as powerful as crash or mox
  8. Jorgieus

    If romance DLC becomes a thing who do you want to have added?

    I just want to date one of the Animal members.
  9. Jorgieus

    Show me your outfit of choice!

    I wish there where more variety to legendaries for dress up max end gaming.
  10. Jorgieus

    Please Respawn loot.

    I like the fact they brought back rerolling (bit late for me already picked up stuff thinking it would be rolled back) but wouldn't respawning chests/loot make more sense? With chances of loot being legendary.
  11. Jorgieus

    Blade runner Easter egg broke weather

    So after finding the tears like rain Easter egg my game is now constantly raining and dark no matter how many weeks I skip wtf sort it out cd red
  12. Jorgieus

    Random rare drop loot as end game rewards?

    That too
  13. Jorgieus

    Random rare drop loot as end game rewards?

    We need more rare world item drops like misc items or clothing, just something to collect, the game is so bare once you do all the side missions it's such a shame I do like taking out gangs, maybe rewards and repeatable gang attack missions with higher difficulties? Right now I just collect...
  14. Jorgieus

    Gangs turning into goody bags?

    Anybody notice sometimes when you kill a enemy they turn into a bag? Wtf is that about? A place holder?
  15. Jorgieus

    Why is there so much cut content? [Possible Spoilers]

    Captialist greed over taking art.
  16. Jorgieus

    The only enemy that kills you often is

    Those Red explosive tanks, enemies are like nothing even on very heard but if I clip a tank with my sword I'm donzo. Does that even make sense that a sword could set off explosive tanks?
  17. Jorgieus

    Legendary clothing should be 4 slots by default.

    I grew up in those times, still not an excuse for fk ups like this, if patches didn't exist I doubt cd red would not of royally fked this up so bad because it's one shot make or break.
  18. Jorgieus

    Don't Tarot cards from endings?

    Um what?
  19. Jorgieus

    Don't Tarot cards from endings?

    So everytime I get either of the two missing tarots from the endings I don't keep them after the credits etc is this a bug or is that by design? Bugs the completionist in me. Also the items like certain weapons and V's cloths from the endings don't seem to be kept neither. If it's intentional...
  20. Jorgieus

    Why can't I have white hair?? And other issues

    Take a breath? It should of been in the base game lol not exactly hard to pallet swap hair colour. 1611495049 Please dont tell me I missed out of white hair because the menu makes it look green! Why don't we have the ability to change hair in-game CD!
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