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  1. Naz.exe

    REDstreams #2

    Can't wait for the floppy disk edition announcement!
  2. Naz.exe

    I'm disappointed how romances are handled. It's like game doesn't care if you're with someone already.

    I demand a romance path/option for the female Joytoy in Dark Matter :oops:
  3. Naz.exe

    How excited are we for the free PS5 upgrade?

    I'd like to replay the game, but i refuse to do so without a next gen patch first. So i guess you could say i'm pretty excited? :ROFLMAO: hopefully it'll be worth the wait
  4. Naz.exe

    What game are you currently playing

    Currently playing Pokemon Diamond on Switch, it's a great remake!
  5. Naz.exe

    Let's complain about things that aren't parroted in the media

    I hear you, and i would be inclined to agree with most of the things you said, however i try to view things this way; V dies no matter what so they have nothing to lose, but they can at least help others before they go. The story isn't bad but a lot of it feels cut out, maybe the expansions will...
  6. Naz.exe

    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    I agree that all endings are sad, but i think that's what makes them memorable. There's plenty of games with happy endings, and they never quite stick with me as much as the ones that made me cry. Who knows what the expansions will bring, but i'd definitely like to see Night City from the...
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