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  1. MaxPrimal

    On Hype...

    Hype can only happen if you pay attention to Hype
  2. MaxPrimal

    What game are you currently playing

    Division II and Ghost Recon Wildlands and Valhalla
  3. MaxPrimal

    Freedom of the Press help

    its a game save file issue. You have to delete the 4 or 5 previosu save game files to get it to reload
  4. MaxPrimal

    Is stealth any fun?

    it depends on your playstyle. It's just ok to me. Requires patience, lots of patience, immense amounts of patience. Plus like already mentioned juggling stat points was an issue until i was like level 32. I preferred grabbing Skippy and putting 1 points into hanguns and just having fun.
  5. MaxPrimal

    I don't like Panam Palmer

    Panam is a horrible, whiney, entitled, egoist, narcissistic, nasty, snide, rude, unattractive, ugly on the inside, unkempt, spoiled brat. So welcome to the WE HATE PANAM CLUB.
  6. MaxPrimal

    Kudos on the improved sleeping animation

    This really is petty petty issue. I know the "immersion" people are going to still complain but there are bigger issues that needed tiem and attention. This patch was to address rel issues and errors. Im sure "immersion" issues are on the dockett.
  7. MaxPrimal

    Patch 1.2 — list of changes

    BRAVO CDPR!! Thank you.
  8. MaxPrimal

    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

    Brilliant way to give us information on whats coming up.
  9. MaxPrimal

    Trailer vs the actual graphics

    Thousands of games make cinematic trailers and they arent anything like the actual game.
  10. MaxPrimal

    Was last gen a mistake?

    Dumbing games down to run on last gen machines is one of the things that keeps games in an unevolved state. I'r rather a company make a choice on whether to cater to that mentality or relase a truely exceptional contemporary product .
  11. MaxPrimal

    Understand the Problem with Cyberpunk, Request Suggest features/game balance and be positive!

    I'm not dissapointed at all in the game. i understand it is a new release and it will take time to adjust. In the mena time i will enjoy what here and will enjoy what comes next.
  12. MaxPrimal

    [ Poll ] Is the driving Fine or Unsatisfactory?

    Too sensative and jinky.
  13. MaxPrimal

    If you could be one of the game's characters (other than V) who would it be?

    Pepe. He's hot and slings beer.
  14. MaxPrimal

    Is the trailer from PS4 gameplay showing real footage from PS4 or not?

    Does it matter. Its 10 year old hardware
  15. MaxPrimal

    Tell me I'm lying though [pre-order games?]

    I'll preorder 2 to make up for yours.
  16. MaxPrimal

    Game still crashing on PS5?

    If your system is running out of whack it will effect everything.
  17. MaxPrimal

    Fixers the worst people in Cyberpunk? :)

    Some of the fixers really get on my nerves. Regina and Mr. Hands mostly. This is how I see them operating. They put them selves out there as contractors for jobs. Then they subcontract you and put a bunch of rules on the job and get all nasty ass with you, then pay you $1000.00 eddies for...
  18. MaxPrimal

    The single worst decision in gaming history

    $780,000,000.00 Smackers. 3/4 of a billion on one game. Even after legal battles and other nonsense they will walk away with half a billion. Sounds like a decent business strategy to me.
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