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  1. Chris.P.Nutts

    More Bugs after installing Patch 2.11

    Type 66 Hoon you mean? If yes this is even after the patch a bit special... ;)
  2. Chris.P.Nutts

    For some inexplicable reason...

    This only happens if the spawn point of the car is higher or lower than the place where your character is standing. In Pacifica, for example, you can consciously evoke this. (I personally call this the Cyber-Roach spawn, lol.) :disapprove:
  3. Chris.P.Nutts

    The Sweet Spot Cars 2.11

    After the last changes I personally banned all motorcycles from my favorites. The steering in my opinion now is much too slow also the turn ratio feels like you try to turn around a warship. Also: Vehicles with a high chassis like the Tanishi Kuma / T400 feels a bit like a rabbit hopping around...
  4. Chris.P.Nutts

    Lizzy Wizzy braindance bug

    I confirm that this problem still exists with Patch 2.11... The weird part is that I have two characters already own this BD. The first is a Male Nomad wich can interact with the BD the other is a Female Corpro wich can't interact with the BD anywise. Both of them talks to Lizzie on the party...
  5. Chris.P.Nutts

    Mizutani MZ1 Cabrio

    I know that there is a Mod but also there is even that risk of the startup corruption as more mods you will use... well what I mean this just a little adjustment to the Autofixer shop maybe the Dev's will find the time for this and make us happy in this point, I mean ppl. asked for adding this...
  6. Chris.P.Nutts

    Mizutani MZ1 Cabrio

    Dear CP77-Dev's, We know that the game is almost finished and all your official job for now is to fix the issues the game has... but on the other hand you gave us hope that you also will add some little new things if you have the time for like the colorization of the Rayfields. From the...
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