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  1. northwold

    Can you agree that Mr. Hands is the most evil and horrible character in Cyberpunk?

    Deleted reasons why as I'm not sure the spoiler text function is working.
  2. northwold

    Some wishes for the next CP game.

    On discovery, I think they faced problems with content delivery because of the nature of the world. In something like Witcher 3, you KNOW the player will go to village X at some point so you can rely on content getting organically picked up. In Cyberpunk almost the entire world is a densely...
  3. northwold

    The lost opportunity of the Cassel's twins

    To be honest I like that they did this. I'm a fan of writing where all characters are fully-fledged beings with proper internal lives. I really don't like the Star Trek red shirt concept -- that you know immediately that a character is disposable / there purely to provide a plot point and...
  4. northwold

    Light glitches when driving at nightime

    Can you give a little more detail on what you mean by "glitching"? Which lights? What are you seeing happen to them?
  5. northwold

    Please fix TV sound before ending support of the game

    I'm very aware of tje mod but appreciated! It worries me more for people who haven't played the game before. I really do think it ruins the storytelling and having such a prevalent bug there forever would be Bethesda-level dire. It'd be a shame after the huge amount of work that went into fixing...
  6. northwold

    Please fix TV sound before ending support of the game

    It was indeed. I'd never had the bug before and on a new 2.0 playthrough that was the first time I noticed it. It was a very "erm...." moment! Without the audio, the scene makes no sense at all.
  7. northwold

    Please fix TV sound before ending support of the game

    Yes reported. Honestly I've no problem with a mouth not moving (though I know others do). That to my mind is a glitch that affects one moment. The TVs meanwhile, again to my mind, affect the entire narrative presentation of the game, which is why I think they're so important. In effect, they're...
  8. northwold

    Please fix TV sound before ending support of the game

    Just a plea to CDPR before support ends (on the investor presentation the dedicated team is now gone but in the investor call CDP acknowledged that further fixes, alone, may happen). Please, please fix two things about TV audio: 1) The most important, please fix TV audio not playing during...
  9. northwold

    CP keeps launching on Wacom Cintiq

    Very, very remote possibility, but does your computer have two graphics cards, or integrated graphics in the CPU plus a graphics card? Is it possible that it is outputting from one of those sources only to your cintiq and Cyberpunk is for some reason trying to use that graphics source?
  10. northwold

    CDPR hires Ubisoft writer as lead writer for Project Orion

    OK. Put a writer on a Bethesda game, where the studio mantra is the gamer must be able to make ANY choice, play ANY way, and ALWAYS end up the hero. Put the same writer on a CDPR game, where the mantra is basically, "to the extent possible, choices must have consequences". You're not going to...
  11. northwold

    Autofocus in game and in photo mode offset from eyes

    Just thought I'd post to see if anyone else has noticed this. I don't know if it's a new issue with one of the patches or has always been there (I recently switched to 1440p from playing at 1080p). Has anyone else noticed that the game, on minor NPCs, is using as the point to focus of the...
  12. northwold

    CANT BUY Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty BUNDLE STEAM

    "bundle | BUSINESS ENGLISH bundle noun [ C ] UK /ˈbʌndl/ US Add to word list COMMERCE, MARKETING a combination of products, services, or pieces of equipment that are supplied together or sold as a group: Phone companies depend on being able to sell a bundle of services - long-distance, local...
  13. northwold

    CANT BUY Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty BUNDLE STEAM

    I'm really confused. Does the original poster own the base game or not? If they do, then why on earth would they pay MORE money for the bundle to get the base game AGAIN than they would for Phantom Liberty? Or has the poster bought the base game but not played it, in which case they intend to...
  14. northwold

    outdated mod please delete

    I get this too sometimes, when driving very, very fast in that area. I think it may just be an issue with the amount of assets being streamed at speed. It doesn't happen every time I'm there, though.
  15. northwold

    Update 2.1 LOD issues and low textures

    Only point I can't think of is have you seen what difference it makes to reduce your field of view (champ de vision)? At 4k the game is having to load a lot and I think the default is 75(?). You have it set to 100.
  16. northwold

    PC Major performance loss after few minutes of gameplay

    To help you people need to know more about your configuration . It could be a memory leak in the game, it could be something as simple as a laptop dialling down the power because it's overheating. One problem I used to experience on a card with 8GB of VRAM in earlier versions of the game was...
  17. northwold

    Car first person visibility & brake system

    The other day I noticed that you can comfortably drive lorries (trucks) in first person because the viewing position is so much higher. Pity you can't just buy one (I never drive first person otherwise).
  18. northwold


    If you mean the musical Corporate Wars, that would be a nice nugget. If you mean Kang Tao, Arasaka and Militech literally going to war, that really isn't going to happen.
  19. northwold

    i see it in video trailer . why dont have the little thing?

    Anythings possible, but all major development on Cyberpunk is done for now. Maybe see if it's in the sequel.
  20. northwold

    Can we please get New Game Plus.

    This has been a covered a lot before, but to the extent people aren't aware, new game plus can actually be very, VERY complicated to implement properly in ANY game. It's not just things like scaling the enemies. It can be things like quests breaking if they're not done in a certain sequence or...
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