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    2.1 still no night vision or flashlight. I wonder why

    Probably because scanning with eye cyberware serves the purpose. Flashlight & night vision would still be nice to have though, I suppose.
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    Update 2.1 Patch Notes

    Melee finisher animations no longer working correctly. Weight of HMG’s persist after they’ve been unequip in a safe zone like a shop… or picked up in a safe zone.
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    Update 2.1

    Melee finishers are broken after Patch 2.1, at least on PS5. Also, HMG’s still add weight to the character even after the HMG has been removed.
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    [Bug] After 2.1 patch, Blade Finisher only does the downward hacking animation

    After the recent patch, I’m no longer seeing the stabbing blade finisher animation, nor the animation where the target drops to their knees and gets beheaded… ONLY the slashing down animation. Please fix!
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    [Bug] picking up an HMG in a safe zone or entering one adds the weight to character

    I just went over my carry capacity limit picking up a legendary HMG while in a safe zone (the melee shop in Pacifica… see attached image), with no way to remove the HMG weight from my character since the HMG vanishes if picked up in a safe zone or entering one while the HMG is equipped. Please...
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    Where to buy/find Nekomata crafting specs in 2.0+

    I’m at the level we’re shops are now selling Blue Tier crafting specs, yet I’ve been to all the shops and still haven’t seen the Nekomata crafting spec in blue, green nor white tiers. For that matter, I haven’t seen the tomahawk nor any machete specs at melee vendors either. Any help in...
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    Open the shooting range after we complete Shoot To Thrill

    Player gets a cool new gun from Wilson for completing Shoot To Thrill, so player wants to practice with it but the door to the shooting range is locked, meanwhile targets are moving around in there just begging to be shot at… Make it make sense! ...
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    Were certain weapon specs removed from the game?

    On an old pre-2.0 save I have Tier 1 specs for things like Steel Pipe, Batons (Gamma, Beta & Alpha), Chef’s Knife, the Nekomata, the DR-12 Quasar, and two machetes… But my new post-2.0 character can’t seem to locate them at any shops… no Nekomata, no DR-12 Quasar, no Chef’s Knife, etc… Do...
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    The Problem with Blades - Nihan & Satori

    Devs should just give us the option to toggle lock weapon slots & arm slot on/off to bypass them when quick switching weapons during combat. I’d say it shouldn’t be too difficult for a AAA company to implement… but then again, we can’t get even get flying cars or cosmetic cyberware unless an...
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    Higher levels shouldn’t lock us out of acquiring lower tier crafting specs from shops.

    I can’t seem to finish The Heist with a level below 10… it’s always 10+. So when Watson finally ends the lockdown and I’m like level 11, ranged weapon shops outside of Watson are ONLY selling Tier 2 crafting specs. Yet, some melee merchants are still selling BOTH Tier 1 & Tier 2 specs, but not...
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    Cosmetic cyberware, when? 3.0?

    I just found out we can equip J.S.’s cyber arm at some point in the game!? I guess that’s something… Still, I see all these NPCs with what looks like colorful versions of the gorilla arms and wish, at the least, we could “dye” our gorilla arms to match our threads. /sigh
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    Cosmetic cyberware, when? 3.0?

    Big let down players still don’t have access to any of the cosmetic chrome NPC’s get to flaunt in front of us. I mean, if this was intentional so players get to experience some despair & disappointment, dashed dreams & deflated hopes that comes with experiencing Night City, then brilliantly...
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    Help me out. Grind or Story?

    For what it’s worth, ended up playing straight through the Heist… but since completing it I haven’t met a certain somebody at the diner yet to start the next main quest. Level 30 now. Just been skilling up Technical to make a small fortune off crafting and buy all the specs I can. Been...
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    Suggestion: Power, Smart & Tech Knives

    Ricocheting Knife… Homing Knife… Obstacle-piercing Knife… Need I say more? Lol. Bonus thought: a fourth weapon slot just for throwing knives… unlocks when purchasing the “Throwing Knives” perk.
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    Suggestion: New Cyberware, Quickhack & Crafting Spec

    Epic Triple-Jump Leg Cyberware. Legendary Leg Cyberware that combines Triple & Hover jumping (Press for jumping, Hold for hovering). Legendary Lynx Paws that adds Wall-Climbing. (Giving Lynx players the ability to get elevated for stealth aerial take-downs.) New type of Quickhack that lets...
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    Suggestion: Bows, Crossbows, and throwable Tomahawks

    First off, we really ought to be able to throw Tomahawks like knives, only with more of a throwing arc. Secondly, I think futuristic bows & crossbows would be a fun addition to the game. Just think: a Smart bow with homing arrows… a Power compound bow with ricocheting arrows… a Tech crossbow...
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    Whistle & Aerial Takedown OP

    As powerful as Whistle & jumping from a wall are… Nothing beats Optical Camo & Double-Jump. (Because who needs walls to jump from when you can just aerial takedown from anywhere with a high enough ceiling.)
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    I need this paint job!

    Found another paint job I wouldn’t mind having for an owned vehicle. /sigh
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    Suggestion: Roving gangs & Keep stolen Gang cars

    I would love to see an update that copy-pasta’s some design features from the 2015 Mad Max game, those being: Roving gang cars, if not also vehicular combat. The ability to steal and keep various gang vehicles if the player can bring one safely back to a garage. Unlockables for said vehicles...
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    PS5: Permanent Corpses

    Yeah the two Maelstrommers disappeared after initially completing that event and looting the lungs, shards and everything. But upon returning to that area they were unconscious by the truck where I had taken them down. So I shot them in their heads and tossed them in the fire where they’ve been...
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