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    How do you actually do damage in this game?

    Those guns suck. Comrade's Hammer got nerfed hard in 2.0. Jackie's pistols are really good and the Seraph is excellent. Pride is the best that I found. You need a silencer and sneak up on people and you'll blow their heads clean off in one shot. There are quite a few sniper rifles that are...
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    20+ melee weapons (mostly knives) near an NCPD scanner hustle?

    I found it also and I've seen screenshots of it.
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    My favourite game, now dead

    Wow, two whole hours, huh? ... Out of all the whining and complaining I've see about 2.0, this is the only complaint that's actually valid. Stealth is fine. Netrunning is fine. Melee is fine. [...] THIS complaint, though, is definitely true, and I say this as someone who doesn't give a...
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    What if the new cyberpunk game reused the open world of 2077?

    Not only do I not see a problem with CDPR reusing the same map for a sequel, I wouldn't mind if other game companies would make Cyberpunk games and just buy the city from CDPR and use it. The city itself is amazing and I'd love to see other studios using it for different Cyberpunk stories.
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    taking a hiatus until 2.0.2 or when cyberware issues are resolved.

    Yep. Corporations ruined the music industry and then they ruined the film industry and now they're ruining the video game industry. I find it amusing that a video game with such a strong anti-corporate message in it's story has been so marred by corporate bullshittery. CDPR have got to be the...
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    taking a hiatus until 2.0.2 or when cyberware issues are resolved.

    The fact that they haven't released any kind of statement in a week is pretty worrying. I have zero faith in the video game industry anymore so if they just fuck off and leave the game a buggy mess, I won't be the least bit surprised.
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    [Bug] "Run This town"

    I can get into the wake but when I leave and try and change my face back, the game crashes every time.
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    Bugs after Patch 2.0

    In addition to most of my passive skills not working and cyberware and items downgrading, cyberware increase shards not working and all the other glitches and bullshit that everyone seems to be having, I'll add these: After going to the wake in "Run this town", my game crashes when changing my...
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    All my cyberware arms are broken

    Try selling them to a ripperdoc and then waiting a few minutes and then buying them back. They might revert back to what they were. That worked for me for my gorilla arms but I wasn't able to fix my silencer that went from tier 5 to tier 3.
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