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    Farseer Buff

    If this were true, then no abilities should trigger at the end of a passed turn. That's just not how it happens, though. Abilities only don't trigger on the turn the 2nd player passes, because he ends the round. End of turn abilities should always trigger, IMO, too many inconsistencies...
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    A question for people that run 3+ Scorches

    Lol you have to look at the potential value for villen. He automatically brings an 8 body to the table, with potential to burn 12+ easily from your opponent's side. That's a 20 point gold if not played around and can escalate further. Do I think villen should be buffed? Yes I do, but it's also...
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    A question for people that run 3+ Scorches

    Villen brings a big body with his scorch, so he's automatically always good value, even if the scorch doesn't trigger anything. Gigni only burns your opponent, so it has zero chance of blowing up in your face. And it also carries a body, albeit small. Scorch, on the other hand, can easily...
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    Xarthisius question

    No, when you play xarthisius you see your opponent's cards in a randomized order, not the one he'll be drawing by.
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    Spell ST overnerf + more luck

    Lol stammelford's was ok? A spell that can be tutored and played by a unit, and can be revived and can be tutored and double played to generate huge amounts of carry over.. Was ok with you? Also, mill relies on RNG? O_o I would try to argue... But really? =X
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    How to save the Golds

    GenLiu Thing is, you force your opponent to deal with her. The fact that she dies doesn't erase her value, because the opponent had to sink some value into her. So, her own power is still considered in the swing she makes, as the opponent will have wasted damage to get rid of her. ​​​​​​​Taking...
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    How to save the Golds

    I'd say I agree with all of your suggestions, were it not for succubus xD that would make her an almost guaranteed 15-20 strength swing with a very high ceiling to be much stronger. Due to how strong she actually can be if unanswered, I feel she shouldn't have that big of a safeguard. If she...
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    Are you kidding me? Seriously? I just lost a game because of this?

    But the games doesn't act as 3 or 1... You can select 0, 1, 2 or 3 cards. You simply have to choose the ones you want and finish your play before the timer runs out, otherwise you'll automatically be set to choose 0 cards.
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    Yet another suggestion on reworking weather

    Weather is fine. We just need more interaction with it. Maybe a second set of weather clearing bronzes which can have some sort of different synergy with their archtypes. And also more synergy with each faction and the actual use of weather.
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    Are you kidding me? Seriously? I just lost a game because of this?

    @I_WHIT3WOLF_I nenneke allows the player to put up to 3 cards back into his deck. So it does allow you to choose less than three. That's not the point. Anyway, @op I do see how this might be changed, but the timed abilities work like this in the game, you just gotta be more rigorous with your...
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    Fringilla Vigo

    Well, wouldn't that just make fringila an easy 20+ power swing with no risk to her at all? =P she's a very big reward card with the right setup, so it's only fair she's also quite risky to use otherwise she'd be a bit too strong. Add to that the fact that she's also very versatile, by doubling...
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    Bugged Interaction With Serrit + Fringilla Vigo / Letho

    Letho not triggering deploy ability So, has anyone ever come across a situation in which letho didn't trigger his deploy ability? Case in point: opponent used serrit on the revealed letho in my hand, then when I played letho he did nothing as he entered the field and was banished himself. Any...
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    Is there anyway to counter ambush or more precisely Toruviel?

    Shackles isn't able to lock the ambushes, it's a known bug. It should be able to target them, but it isn't.
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    How to beat the armor deck.

    Yeah I wish locking removed armor. Or at least give shackles the armor removing effect to give a little more tech value?
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    Emhyr mill is the worst thing to happen to Gwent in ages.

    You don't have bronzes to mill. You have silvers and golds. Anyway, as has been stated: kill avallach and the strategy falls flat. The deck is pretty efficient in what it does, but it's also extremely vulnerable, now that golds aren't invulnerable. As for the "abuse of game mechanics" argument...
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    Pavetta's effect should trigger no matter what

    That's not a bug. Just like Milva, and other "do x and then do y" effects, the second part doesn't trigger if the first doesn't. If you don't have another unit to get shuffled, then nothing gets shuffled. Just like with Milva, where if you don't have another unit to bounce, then no enemy gets...
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    Emhyr mill is the worst thing to happen to Gwent in ages.

    There are plenty of ways to effectively counter mill to try and win the MU. Even those thinning tools you have in your deck, you don't really need to play them. If you're going up against an emhyr build, don't play them. It'll lower the effectiveness of your deck, but it'll lower the...
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    Dev Livestream Patch Changes

    Golems are now summoned from the deck whenever the player reveals a card in either hand (only 1 for each reveal trigger). They're also back to 3 power. Novice now draws the top 2 bronze alchemy cards, plays one and shuffles the other. At 2 power.
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    GWENT: Ask a Dev Discussion Thread

    Oh, yeah, that definitely makes sense. Thanks, m8!
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    GWENT: Ask a Dev Discussion Thread

    Hum? I'm fairly certain I just recently played against axemen and they did trigger with my consume instances. Unless that changed in last couple weeks (during which I don't believe there have been any updates to the game), I think it still does trigger them. Right?
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