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    CDPR Needs More Highly Ranked Patch Testers

    Can't agree more with OP. Half of the patch changes is fixing old loopholes in the meta, but the second half is creating new ones, ripe for abuse.
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    Nilfgaardian Deck Strategies

    Not sure how it will be after the balance fix, but in current meta Emhyr's ability would be practically useless. ST and NR burning through the deck in round 1, and everyone have the same cards, with very little variations. You can say for sure what they have in hand in round 2/3 by giving one...
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    Changes to weather: Aglais

    1) All special silver cards should become Fleeting. Aglais is still OP because she can replay very strong effects up to 3 times (with Eithne) 2) Replaying bronze special cards from both graveyards is a totally fine ability for a gold card, I'm ok with that.
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    Honest question from a new player (concerning AI practice mode)

    Do you launch Gwent from GOG or from desktop shortcut? I think someone on Reddit had same issue, and problem was that he missed latest mini-patch which need to be downloaded from GOG Galaxy.
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    Versatile card for 800 scraps

    IDK, there's little to no risk in using Yen - if you have more cards on table it's Unicorn, if less - it's Chironex. There are a very few exceptions to this rule - don't use Chironex before opponent's Harald the Cripple; sometimes it's best to kill off opponent's 2 strength cards even it's not...
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    Versatile card for 800 scraps

    There's hardly more versatile card than Yennefer - neutral, can do both massive buffs and debuffs for all rows at once.
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    Redanian Elite and Ves bug

    It was fixed, indeed, for all three cards when you promote them with special card or Henselt. It's just doesn't work with Shani, because Shani's ability triggers before Margarita's, for example. It makes sense, because your primary action is resurrection. Pretty sure it's intended, because it...
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    absolutely ridiculous

    Scorch/Igni/Borkh/Schirru, Dimeritium Bomb/Dimeritium Shackles, Biting Frost. Or any weaker damaging cards early in the round, before dwarves get buffed.
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    Skelliges Discard now nerfed into the ground

    I had almost the same deck as in OP, but scrapped it for another discard deck once I get Cerys from the keg. Now it's about her, Queensguard and Light Longship - very efficient with all Mardroemes and Shieldsmiths against weather and control decks.
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    Poll: Wich faction is your main deck?

    None. 11 leaders = 11 different decks (don't have King Bran yet), rarely play more than 2 games in a row with the same deck. Favs: Henselt's gold buff and Harald's discard - it's just satisfying to build long combos.
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    Shouldn't Saskia be renamed to Saesenthessis?

    Makes sense :)
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    Decks with more than 25

    I ran out of units a few times, deck-thinning mechanics sometimes could be too strong. Particularly for SK discard deck, NR Scouts + Priscilla + Medics, and ST overusing First Light. Mostly running all decks at 26-27 cards, with exception of Monster breeding deck with 30 cards.
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    How to counter Scoia'tael's special card spam?

    Neophytes can be swept away easily with Tremor, Venom, Yen's Chironex and Harald the Cripple. Just have to choose the right moment. When Isengrim is played I kill him right away with Radovid or Iorveth (luckily got both from the drop)
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    Damn control decks

    IDK, playing two NR decks (Radovid gold buff and Foltest adrenalin rush) just fine. Especially gold buff, opponents' Borkh scorching own cards like 8 times out of 10. Control decks are just like Monster weather deck - when you need quick win, before a level-up, for example. But in general they...
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    Operator's Best Combo - Show me what you've got!

    Aelirenn, Barclay Els and Nithral - there are only three silver cards which will be completely useless to your opponent with other faction's deck, because of racial synergies. With bronze cards there are more good options, but the biggest profit also comes from cards with some race-related...
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    Thin decks make for boring strategies

    Sounds like your opponent just had a crappy deck and was bad at tactics. It's not like any change of card limit could fix it significantly.
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    What's the use of Kambi?

    Sure, I think that Kambi + Heimdall is a suicidal crapshoot, too, but a glorious one :)
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    What's the use of Kambi?

    Check this lucky combo:
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    Philippa's Base Strength is too High

    Yep, before the patch it was too strong, now it's harmful more often than not. Dropped her off the deck for now.
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    [SUGGESTION]Replace a card "Adrenaline Rush" from bronze to silver.

    I agree that AR should be a silver card. It won't break old tactics - NR have a bunch of cards that can fish it out mid-match (Priscilla, Thaler, Stennis), and half of Scoia'tael deck is all about getting specials and silvers from the deck. --- BTW, Clan Tuirseach Axeman (x3) in Skellige deck...
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