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    Which character background will you choose?

    Wow, a lot of Corpo sell-outs...
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    Why the person above you should be banned

    And gonna ban myself for logging in with the wrong account.
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    Are there going to be any "historical" weapons in CP 2077?

    I think Elysium is a great example of how to do this right: Some weapons were exasctly the same: Some were heavily modified, as was the ammunition:
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    What if I don’t want play for a punk?!

    Corporates were a part of 2013 and 2020, characters would play 'from the inside' of corporations. And one of the three 'childhood hero' options presented in the gameplay was Saburo Arasaka, so I would think there will be the possibility to play as a character who is more refined and less...
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    The Game Awards: Predictions

    I hope for everything... But what I expect is nothing...
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    Weekly Poll 9/17/18 - The Multiplayer Question

    What about if you get to fight other players in a PvP environment as part of a 'pit fight' type deal? Or have a 'Hack Off' with other players?
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    Melee Weapon Variety

    It should be a monomolecular wire, the effect was so that it could actually be seen by viewers
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    Weekly Poll 11/13/18 - Netrunning General

    I'm hopeful for a blend of Snowcrash, Ready Player One and Ghost in the Shell. Either way, a fully integrated net based world.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Day vs Night and Atmosphere Thread

    I've not read all 160+ replies as yet, but here's my input: It's a city, a whole city, and we have seen a very small portion of it during a limited part of the day. There are 6 confirmed districs, each unique with their own style and inhabitants. What we have seen is a residential area, which...
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    Collected Weekly Polls Thread

    Bit late. You can see in the gameplay that characters, including npcs, have levels by their name. (And if they are too high then the get a symbol.) Check the footage if you want
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    Integrated Weapons

    Absolutely. It's all well and good having a super powered arm, but if your legs and particularly your back aren't beefed up you're going to do some serious harm to yourself trying to lift something like a car. In 2020 you had abtteries which needed replacing. I think it was annually or...
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    Should V be a Youtuber?

    Ok, I was going off info from Forbes, I only had 5 minutes to do my research, spent another 5 updating my numbers: There are about 40ish YouTube millionairs, out of 1.3 billion accounts across 1.1 billion unique users. So yea, is about 0.0025%, my bad. Current richest is DanTDM, worth about...
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    Eye implants

    I've been thinking about this; I know that piercings can have different rejection rates based on the material of the jewelery, specifically, the smoother the material on a microscopic level the less likely it is to be rejected. In your example, titanium is quite smooth, stainless steel is not...
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    Should V be a Youtuber?

    1%??? Not even 0.001% (thats based on there being 1.3 billion accounts, assuming 1 in 1000 actually makes videos, leaves 1.3 million, 13 of which are millionaires so thats 0.001%, or 1 in 100,000 of creators.) Pewdiepie was worth $12m last year, and hes officially the richest youtuber And I...
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    Eye implants

    Well, you can get pretty good picture quality from micro sensors these days, especially compared to the things we had 10 yearsa go. Is is the case where you need to have a different sensor for each vision type or is it something that a filter or lens can handle?
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    What creative solutions to game difficulty could be added other than the archaic HP/DMG modifiers?

    Improved enemie AI, where they fight from cover in a more realistic way, or flank you, etc would be good for difficulty instead of just making them bigger bullet sponges.
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    Integrated Weapons

    Ah, I can answer this one: Because Cyberpunk, as a genre, tends to be more grounded in reality than other Sci-Fi genres. It usually takes theoretical and/or current technology and pushes it as far as it can, sometimes going into the realms of fantasy, but keeping it at least semi realistic...
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    Eye implants

    improved miniturisation could probably increase the amount you can fit in an eye, though by how much I don't know. If phones are anything to go by, compare a mobile phone now to a mobile phone from the 1980's, and thats only 30 years diffrence I'm curious what new options could be available. Is...
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    Eye implants

    I'm not dreaming, I am merely pointing out that you are stating your opinions as fact, which they are not. I don't know how cdpr are going to handle the player and cyberpsychosis, and neither do you. I am also not insinuating that the player could or should be able to go to the same TOTAL...
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    Eye implants

    Yeah, you are interpretting it the way you see fit, what I see is a description of a gangs mindset and style. Didn't see anything saying players aren't allowed to go to extremes - and there are ways around cyberpsychosis, most involving spending money.
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