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    I need help with all the crashes

    Have you done an upgrade to Win10 or a new installation from scratch? Had the same problems but with a GTX 780 - crashed / froze all the time in Windows 8.1 regardless of what I tried. Did an upgrade to Win 10 and still the same. So I decided to install Win 10 from scratch and this seems to...
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    Black Pearl quest problem - Nidas not appearing

    Thanks a lot Luckyo - worked for me as well!
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    [SPOILER]Keira still in...

    thanks for the spoiler you [insert curse word of your choice here] :facepalm2:
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    Windows 10 plays the Witcher 3 beautifully!

    After I did a clean install of Windows 10 my driver crashes are gone - seems like I´ll have to settle in for a longer session now to see if it still freezes at some point :D It also feels a bit smoother than in my previous windows version.
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    Windows 10 plays the Witcher 3 beautifully!

    Alright - gonna try a clean install now. thx!
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    Windows 10 plays the Witcher 3 beautifully!

    I´ve upgraded - but I might try a clean install too. Is it possible to do a clean install with the key of your previous Windows version (in my case Windows 8 ) ?
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    Windows 10 plays the Witcher 3 beautifully!

    I was on Windows 8.1 but while playing The Witcher 3 my system froze completely - sometimes after a few hours and sometimes after a few minutes. So I decided to do the upgrade - freezes are gone now but The Witcher is still crashing - so more or less the same endresult for me except that my...
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    Windows 10 plays the Witcher 3 beautifully!

    Unfortunately not for everyone - display driver crashing constantly :( Using 353.62 and I´ve also tried a few others with no different outcome -.-
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    [CRASH] This Random Crash Driving Me Mad

    While running the game on Windows 8.1 I got complete system freezes - tried pretty much every workaround I could find but nothing helped. Upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday - now the complete freezes are gone but instead I get similiar errors: etc. etc.
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    Game freezing after around 15 minutes / sound keeps playing

    The game froze again .. I wish I had bought it for PS4 .. would have spared me a lot of trouble -.-
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    Game freezing after around 15 minutes / sound keeps playing

    I´ve also tried a lot of workarounds without success - even downclocking but the game kept on freezing. Sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes after a few hours .. So the first time when I downclocked my GTX 780 (Gainward Phantom) I haven´t downclocked the VRAM. This time I´ve lowered its...
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    PS4 controller set-up for PC showing Xbox Scheme???

    There´s no official support on PC for PS controllers - so you´ll have to live with the XBox overlays and using 3rd party software.
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    How's patch 1.07 working for you?

    Gonna try those settings - thanks! edit: Well, doesn´t seem to do the trick for me either ... seems like I´ll have to put it on ice for good and check back in .. don´t know when .. :(
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    How's patch 1.07 working for you?

    Gameplaywise it´s running fine so far and I haven´t experienced any bugs / glitches - if it wasn´t for those damn freezes I would actually be able to enjoy the game ..
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    Patch 1.08 | What would you expect?

    A fix for the freezes ... Tried many workarounds which I´ve found and also different nvidia drivers but nothing seems to work - it really gets frustrating ... :(
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    ( 1.07 ) Slow Walk is gone

    Slow walk was the first thing I´ve tried after updating and it´s still working for me with a 360 gamepad on PC.
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    Random crashes

    Could be worth a try as I´m using a 780 Phantom GLH - gonna try to reduce it to standard clock settings of equivalent cards. thx
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    Random crashes

    Tried it once more after the latest driver update from nvidia but it still crashes -.- And regarding the Chrome thingy - I don´t use Chrome so this can´t be the issue (at least not for me) and my CPU isn´t overclocked either.
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    Random crashes

    I also suffer from random crashes (sometimes after 10-15 minutes and other times after a few hours) and most of the times when the game crashes I need to hardreset my PC cause everything froze. It´s the only game I have which is giving me such troubles - every other game is running just fine...
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    Your favorite Witcher moments - Contest

    Generally I just love the art style and the atmosphere which you´ve created with the Witcher games. Although it´s a fantasy game you´ve created a tough and believable medieval world filled with all kinds of danger. It gives you the feeling that such a world could really exist and therefore it´s...
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