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  1. SirMaxinmus

    Update 2.1 Patch Notes

    The radio wasn't fixed. But at least they sorted the 'place here' bug. So that's progress.
  2. SirMaxinmus

    Really big Thumbs Up for CDPR with 2.1... however...

    CDPR has made it very clear, even back in 2020, that they have no plans for a third-person mode. Frankly, with how gameplay works, I don't think it would gel very well.
  3. SirMaxinmus

    Tune in to REDstreams to learn more about Update 2.1

    Depends on what the update is. 1701363728 No, they got her back in to do some voice lines for PL. If you go to her camp after you did the PL questline, she has some additional dialouge.
  4. SirMaxinmus

    Tune in to REDstreams to learn more about Update 2.1

    So Marcin said on Twitter, that this will be the last major patch. So I still expect bug fixes coming out. But as for gameplay, this is it.
  5. SirMaxinmus


    Report it to them via support. They don't read the fourms.
  6. SirMaxinmus

    Patch 2.02

    I've already done so, multiple times. They said they're "investigating it". Although they did say that the pin might have been due to mods, so I was like "Uh, no lmao". At least they fixed the trauma drama bug, so that's nice.
  7. SirMaxinmus

    Patch 2.02

  8. SirMaxinmus

    Patch 2.02

    I noticed no mentions of V's apartment fixes. Oh well.
  9. SirMaxinmus

    What's coming in Patch 2.02

    If you haven't reported it, I'd recommend doing so.
  10. SirMaxinmus

    [BUG] - Cyberdeck Buffer Sizes Are Incorrectly Calculated At Ripperdocs

    Same problem with me. God, 2.01 is broken, isn't it.
  11. SirMaxinmus

    Bug - Johnny Silverhand spawns before doing main quest

    Had the same thing happen to me.
  12. SirMaxinmus

    Trauma drama is way too hard

    I'm free! No deaths whatsoever, clearing most of the enemies on the levels. What a horrible experience.
  13. SirMaxinmus

    Trauma drama is way too hard

    As of 2.01 it was patched, and it's way too much. The high score must be brought down because attempting to get the outfit now is a miserable experience.
  14. SirMaxinmus

    taking a hiatus until 2.0.2 or when cyberware issues are resolved.

    My abject worry is how quickly will CDPR move on from this game, even if that means the game will still be in a very broken state. Will they fix as many bugs as they can to ensure that the final product is as polished as it can be, or will they make the game so it's still playable yet is about...
  15. SirMaxinmus

    Sound Issues

    Sound for certain shows aren't playing when watching in V's apartment.
  16. SirMaxinmus

    Blurry ads

    I'm also receiving the same issue. It's really distracting. I've reported it, but idk if they'll do or say anything.
  17. SirMaxinmus

    Patch 2.01

    They responded to the report I made about the radio and the put-down thing. So at least they acknowledged it.
  18. SirMaxinmus

    Patch 2.01

    V's Radio in his apartment is still busted, and you still got that 'place down' command, so it's an L patch. Also, the build planner website is busted.
  19. SirMaxinmus

    Bugs after Patch 2.0

    Any news on a patch? I don't want to play the game anymore in case I break it.
  20. SirMaxinmus

    Unconfirmed by CDPR: Cyberpunk multiplayer will be monetized

    People are unfortunately going off the hook about it, and it’s currently damaging CDPR’s rep. I guess most people are used to lies and bs from other gaming companies that we’ve come to expect the worst. Although I do feel they should give a short statement to clarify because this isn’t gonna...
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