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    We need detectives!

    Ever noticed how after V has evaded maxtac, and then kills a cop his stars don't go back to 5? We need detectives! So, how would this work? When V evades maxtac, he gets a wanted status. That means if he gets even one star, his stars go directly to 5. V must hide from cops unless he wants yet...
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    So you want to stop V...

    So, with end game being fighting maxtac (adam smasher is a pushover) I propose maxtac waves get buffed! Wave 1. Same as normal. Good old vanilla maxtac. Wave 2. Falcon drones spawn. They can be hacked or shot out of the sky. They do not attack directly. Instead, they follow V, and ensure that...
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    Feedback for cyberpunk 2.

    Hey devs, you guys rock! But given all that we have seen from the first cyberpunk game, here is some feedback for the next version. 1. Let the world drive your stories and gigs. Not the other way around. I just toured the pacifica gim on a level 60 V. The place was abandoned, when it should...
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    Smart weapons and weakspots bad interaction

    I cannot count the times that weakspots spawn on a target's feet or hand, and when firing a smart weapon at them, the bullets lock onto a weakspot that is behind cover when their head is fully exposed. The result is that the weakspot actually makes the target stronger against smart weapons. Not...
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    The Ammo begging thread...

    There are shotgun ammo, sniper ammo, heavy ammo, and pistol ammo. 4 ammo types. And yet, we only have 3 weapon slots. We need 1 more weapon slot. Gunsmiths should offer rechambering services. Specifically, precision rifles should be able to be chambered to use sniper OR heavy ammo, and smgs...
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    A better blackwall hack

    So, the black wall hack is up against synapse burnout as being the best in class. Synapse burnout easily takes this title. Due to the blood daemon and data recycler perks, Synapse burnout can easily chain max ram and health making ram itself meaningless. In addition, burnout extends overclock...
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    The black wall cyberdeck should give quests...

    So when you have the blackwall cyberdeck equipped, it should give you continuous quests to hunt down and eliminate members of netwatch. Have constant lines like "netwatch has kept me imprisoned" "I hate them so much" "look there. Prey" "hunt the netwatch!" It would be so rad.
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    Where are netwatch?

    So here I am happily hacking cops with the blackwall, and shooting them with erebus... And netwatch have not launched an investigation into me yet. Why is that?
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    Erebus is wasted as an SMG

    Erebus is a waste as an SMG. A good gunner build has both an smg AND an assault rifle. Erebus should have been... A smart weapon An assault rifle A weapon with 100 round capacity
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    All I want for christmas

    All I want for christmas is a smart assault rifle with an 80-100 round capacity, that has a smart reticle and that uses heavy ammo. AND TRANSFERS TARGET LOCK TO OTHER SMART WEAPONS WHEN SWAPPED FROM HIP FIRING.
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    Can't get the racing gigs

    The repeatable racing gigs are not showing up in my saves. Is there any way you can enable racing gigs independent of the beast in me questline?
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    New Quick Hack idea

    New Quick Hack - Ram Exploit: This is a covert quick hack. It costs 2 ram, and places a debuff on the enemy target. While active, ram exploit generates .5 ram per second, and last for a total of 24 seconds, generating 12 ram, for a net ram gain of 10 ram over 24 seconds. Ram exploit can be...
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    Pizdets not working with target lock swapping

    So I just experimented with target lock swapping, and I found that some of the new guns from phantom liberty do not work with the target lock swapping perk. Most notably, pizdets and hercules 3ax both disobey the target lock swapping mechanics.With pizdets, I swapped from the divided we stand...
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    Is it too much too ask for a working hercules 3 ax? [BUG]

    The hercules 3ax is a smart weapon. THAT DOES NOT WORK WITH SMART WEAPON PERKS. The perk: Target lock transfer does not work with the hercules 3ax. And so you say so what? Whats the big deal? Well, the hercules would have been the FOUNDATION for a run and gun build. There are sooo many smart...
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    [BUG] The Hercules 3AX doesnt work with target locking perks.

    There is a perk called target lock transfer in the intelligence tree. It states: Switching from one smart weapon to another no longer interrupts target lock. Th only problem? Hercules 3AX only does target locks while aiming. And you cannot switch weapons while aiming, only while hipfiring...
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    A monowire perk redesign

    Siphon: Moved to where finisher: live wire is Perk change: Your monoiwire attacks recover .5 ram, increased to 1 if enemy is affected by a quickhack. Your miniwire attacks can no longer reduce an enemy below 5% health. You can however use Q to quick attack doing damage that is capable of...
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    Would you pay for this DLC?

    I have an idea for some DLC. DLC I would personally pay $30 for. this DLC would have the following content: Multiple repeatable quest types specialized for cars new car stats. Not new cars, but existing cars get roles and stats An order regional takeover meter. Killing an enemy in japantown...
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    Accidental kills with monowire are annoying.

    The entire reason to use monowire is for finishers to restore Ram. That's it. I hate having kills where I accidentally kill my opponent. Let me just lock my opponent up in an immobilizing finisher when they hit 0 instead of making me click a finisher when it pops up. or make the finisher pop up...
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    Taxicab service repeatable gigs.

    We need a repeatable gig to run a rich client from point A to point B. We can run them in any vehicle we want, but we get attacked by various forces. Corpos, gansters, even nusa agents. The attackers are challenging for lategame V. There would be a melee tank thats on par with a maxtac melee...
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    The blackwall hack is too weak.

    The blackwall hack is weak. Lame. limited. Mediocre. Unbalanced for its requirements. Compare the blackwalll with the synapse burnout legendary hack. Heres the various issues.... 1. The blackwall can't be used on game bosses like adam smasher. Chain back to back burnouts can. 2. The...
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