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    Advanced Render Settings

    Kids, we need to talk. K(I)NG daddy told me he was just going to the parking lot behind the supermarket to get weed and he hasn't returned since. ​I don't think he'll come back! :affection:
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    The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan PL

    yeah, actually one of the worst textures in the game.
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    Dead Mods

    I understand the need for a thread of this kind, but what i dont accept is a thread that implies that modders are lazy ( )and therefore harasses them. ---------- Updated at 05:54 PM ---------- gregski
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    Dead Mods

    Which is not an outdated mod.
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    Dead Mods

    SigilFey if this discussion should be civil, you had to delete this thread. it insults modders, makes them feel bad and in general is inappropriate. Please delete this thread. ---------- Updated at 11:29 AM ---------- I find this thread to be unfair and shockingly harsh. For real: someone...
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    Dead Mods

    Indeed. So why did you do it? How about just being nice and wait?
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    GWENT: The Witcher Card Game -- Official FAQ

    A bunch of questions Hej Rafal_Jaki , hej Damien, hej REDs! So I got a bunch of questions I already sent you via e-mail when this thread didn't exist. Hope you'll be able to answer some of them: Will some of the changes (e.g. balancing, new abilities) made to GWENT also affect the...
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    Witcher - the movie - details released

    Posted: April 1st 2012. Gotta be true....
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    REDkit - Clarity PLEASE!!!

    I really could not care less about the downgrade, but this statement is untrue.
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    Now That TW3 Has Been Out For a Year....

    Primer (W3 feels like a proper Witcher-game again) Witcher 2 Gear (for that nice witchery swag, instead of peasants armors) Disable Softlock (combat now feels much smoother and is easier to control, imo) FOV Slider (i dislike the really low FOV of the base game) White Wolf From Rivia (in my...
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    [Lighting Mod] STLM 2.2

    STLM is buggy? No way!
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    Patch 1.2, hello, comments

    but why?!
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    [Lighting Mod] STLM 2.2

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    [Lighting Mod] STLM 2.2

    You dare to question the almighty god of lighting?! who are you even? just go and troll somewhere else, this is a serious thread in a serious forum. STLM 2.2 looks exactly like E3 2014 and you shall not question this mod as it is the elixir of my life. fuckin' downgrade, man, I hate CDPR...
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    STLM 2.2 - Swamp

    WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK. Sorry, but is this really something you had to open a new thread for? I mean: We already have like 10 STLM threads. Why not contact him directly via PM or post it on Nexus, idk. I just don't want to see 4 different STLM related topics on the forum front page
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    The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan PL

    "U will retexture the grass from the dlc? , The grass is one of the ugliest texture from the Dlc " comment under the update video. People clearly smoke too much crack.
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    Dear CDPR, please give us back the original armor textures

    Everything. It's about atmosphere, it's about realism (darker colours are similar to camouflage), etc. ---------- Updated at 07:34 PM ---------- You like buggy, blue lined armors? That's weird.
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    The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan PL

    recorded it. too lazy to edit. will possibly go online once STLM 2.2 is released. So most likely never.
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