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    Patch 1.31

    Thanks a lot. It's been working fine on PS5 for months now so I probably won't see any difference, tho. But any update is welcome.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 is now back on the PlayStation Store!

    Congrats, good work. Honestly I've played on PS5 since day one so I have the main story and lots of side quests finished, I don't play it that often anymore but I'd for sure like to see how REAL PS5 version could look like instead of running in "limited" mode. I stick to what I've said before...
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    Hotfix 1.21

    I don't work in gamedev specifically but the approach is pretty much the same for every software development company. They specify work for x days, for instance 14 days. They specify priorities of tasks including everything like bugs, features, changes, optimization etc. Devs are experienced...
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    Patch 1.2 — list of changes

    WOW, awesome work. Keep it up @CDPR! Can't wait to get back home next month to play some more :)! I hope the crashes on PS5 will happen even less than after previous patch. That's what mostly annoying for me. Thank you very much, waiting for more!
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    What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

    Thank you, keep up the good work! Can't wait to fly home to continue playing. But too nice, warm and cozy in Tenerife atm :D
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    Patch 1.2 — Development Update

    [...] @CD PROJEKT RED Just deliver when ready and not a day sooner. You've already learnt your lesson, I hope.
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    Patch 1.1

    PS5 Further few hours of playing. The game sadly can randomly crash only after ~2 hours and I was hopeful after earlier session of 6 hours without a single crash. So those problems are not solved, it's just a bit better again. But as mentioned a few days ago, it doesn't lag shortly before the...
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    Patch 1.1

    Played straight 6h yesterday right after the update, platform PS5. Conclusions: 1. Congrats your update installs in 3-4 seconds with almost 17GB content while e.g. Rocket League with 350MB update installed 2-3 minutes... That's minor but it's convenient. Keep it that way. 2. Performance...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 — Our Commitment to Quality

    Most of those were released (at least where I am) late like 11-12PM and also they release updates right before weekends so that people can have more time to play, that's a good choice. I guess it's either gonna be here late today or some time tomorrow. People are going back to what caused this...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 — Our Commitment to Quality

    Weird how you speak for everyone. I handed the money and I am glad. The game is awesome, it just needs some work on bugs and give them time to finish the parts of game that were supposed to be there from the start but that's financieres' mistake, not those who make games because they love it and...
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    Hotfix 1.06

    Weird. I am similar as you, also play on PS5. I am far from 120h but I am over ~33-35h and nothing like that happens. The crashes occurs randomly but after 1.06, it's pretty rare. I don't often play more than 3-4h and I can play this amount of time without a single crash or get 1 crash, very...
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    Hotfix 1.06

    PS5 after more hours of constant playing at 1.06 release. The game still crashes but it's, thankfully, rare now. Like 2 crashes in 4-5h. Usually the sign of incoming crash is the game getting short fps spikes. Then you can save your game because the crash will happen in a matter of seconds or...
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    Hotfix 1.05

    ps5 Encountered issues when doing Panam tunnel mission. 1. The car built-in rifle controls help shown in the bottom right corner does not disappear when I'm out of the car and can't use it and it stayed there for some time later, too. I can't remember what exactly removed them, just keep on...
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    Hotfix 1.05

    I find that hard to believe unless 90% of the time you're spending on making money. What do you mean lazy LOL regular quests both main and side make you either a shitty, cheap weapon or a few thousands tops. At least that's how it looks for me after 23hs of playtime. And I play A LOT without...
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    Hotfix 1.05

    PS5 Thanks for the patch! I've tried it for ~4,5h and it's way better regarding the crashes, only one happened so far. The game launch and loading screens got faster again. I personally play on Film Grain and Motion Blur turned off and the game looks great. Performance is good. One-time bugs...
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    Important update for PlayStation users

    Feels like people CANNOT enjoy the game because YOU SAY SO. Ok, good to know. I didn't know I couldn't enjoy it on PS5 without no issues rather than random crashes. Sorry, my bad. From now on I'll try not to play it and hate it. I'll get better next time. My apologies.
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    Important update for PlayStation users

    Glad I've bought it earlier LOL.
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    Ważna informacja

    Też tego pitolenia nie kumam za bardzo. O ile stare konsole są po prostu stare, więc nie wiem czego ludzie oczekiwali, że się stanie cud i wyczarują zasoby wystarczające do obsługi takiego tytułu na sensownym poziomie. A jeśli chodzi o next geny to gram na ps5 od dnia pierwszego i poza tym, że...
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    Hotfix 1.04

    BSOD is usually caused by hardware fault or something running hardware meaning a driver. The game might cause it for you but it's the trigger, not the reason. Maybe you need to update all your drivers.
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    Best language to play?

    Polish here. It's cyberpunk so it's purely USA style, the climate, the music, the conversations so stick to English, it's the only right choice. It's not Witcher where I would totally recommend Polish with subtitles. I also don't think polish dub is any good. In anything... Maybe except for...
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