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  1. Masoterian

    New Ending (SPOILER ALERT)

    Yo, finally finished PL and well, mixed feelings about the new ending. Dont get me wrong. I like my dystopian endings depressing with just a glint of hope. I like the "save your life/lose everything else" conclusion. But i expected better from the characters. I mean, i guess its reasonable from...
  2. Masoterian

    My favourite game, now dead

    ^^ preach chooms, idk what are these people on about, but netrunning as well as all the gun builds are completely fine, in late game you just obliterate everything like you're supposed to, the difference is that now you actually need to work a bit to get there. pre 2.0 very hard was a joke, now...
  3. Masoterian

    How do you actually do damage in this game?

    idk man, i play a hybrid precise/explo/katana build, using Panam's sniper and Laika revolver with Errata katana and projectile launcher, and I have no problems whatsoever at very hard. at lvl 53 i do about 1500 damage headshots with the sniper and even bigger aoe blasts with the revolver if i...
  4. Masoterian

    so i am getting random crashes on 4090

    Hey chooms, same boat here, no mods, fresh windows / new setup, up-to-date drivers etc etc. Whats weird, that i played for like 55 hours after the release of PL - fresh save - and had no problems whatsoever, yesterday i finally started the PL story, played for like 6 hours straight and had a...
  5. Masoterian

    What game are you currently playing

    Recently got into S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Anomaly. Its absolutely fucking awesome. Still gotta finish CP2k7 achievements. Those fucking cars, man.
  6. Masoterian

    [Spoiler] Was Evelyn Parker supposed to have a bigger role?

    Seen quite a lot of people talking about this. Personally, I like when characters that appear to be important or complex are killed of in similar fashion, for me, it highlights the ruthlessnes of the world or the settings, in a way, that no one is safe, yourself included. Which proved to be true...
  7. Masoterian

    Why missing Cinematic/3rd person Cutscenes is THE biggest flaw

    I seriously dont understand how anyone can see lack of 3D cutscenes as a 'flaw'. 3D cutscenes in 1st person games totally ruin the immersion and i wish more developers would realize that. I mean this has been known since Half life. Not to mention, when the game does switch to 3D person...
  8. Masoterian

    You're playing this game wrong!

    yeah, playing melee character on very hard right now, have around 5,5k armor, not counting the cold blood bonuses, and its deffinitely noticeable.
  9. Masoterian

    Nekotama, useless

    nah, its pretty damn strong with proper build.
  10. Masoterian

    Wrong build, too bad apparently

    thats weird, second heart works normally for me. biomonitor doesnt tho :P
  11. Masoterian

    Wrong build, too bad apparently

    well, theres something wrong on your end then, because you're not supposed to take any damage while blocking or parrying with gorilla arms. anyway, you can do it without blocking too, the guy is predictable and you can stagger him when hes charging, using strong attack 1612024999 yea i realize...
  12. Masoterian

    Wrong build, too bad apparently

    no theyre not, and they actually make these quests trivial even on very hard. i had no idea during the first playthrough tho, and it was a chore, it was like progressing Dark souls bosses, hahaha. i managed to beat all the boxing quests without them in the end tho, except for the finals, i dont...
  13. Masoterian

    Huge update on GOG

    thats only the temporary disk space it requires for the downloading process, the actual updates are only like 1gb or so. i agree that it sucks tho, especially with my small-ass 250gb ssd hahah.
  14. Masoterian

    Anyone noticed how female V's neck is stupidly long?

    I love me some tall chicks with their looong swan-like necks
  15. Masoterian

    Favorite Radio Station

    Ritual !!! Ive never imagined i'll be listening to bands like Deszcz or Antigama in a AAA game! just amazing.
  16. Masoterian

    My take on why this game failed so hard, despite how good Witcher 3 was

    No, you couldn't, don't bullshit here. CP may be bad as a sandbox, but Witcher 3 is way worse in that regard. Dont get me wrong, i like that game a lot, but its too story driven for its own good and you cant do shit there aside from the quest content. Lots of people seem to confuse "Side...
  17. Masoterian

    VG247 Art. on Women in CP2077

    Um, Alt? thats only one exeption that i can think of tho.
  18. Masoterian

    VG247 Art. on Women in CP2077

    I wouldnt say idiot :D but yeah. she was desperate, sick of her life, so she came up with an idea, that was way above her league. I really like the contrast between how confident she appeared in the beginning, and her panicking and making mistake after mistake when shit went haywire.
  19. Masoterian

    VG247 Art. on Women in CP2077

    Omg, this again. People saying/writing this stuff are missing the point entirelly. Or maybe just refuse to see it. To show the future that went wrong in many ways is the whole point of this genre. Its not supposed to be perceived as an inspiration.
  20. Masoterian

    Does anyone feel totally immersed despite the shortcomings?

    really well put, man. totally agreed.
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