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  1. Schottky126

    Your a nobody, but who are you?

    I would be a tourist: i'd stay there for a couple weeks, going around praising the magnificence of City Center and Japan Town, then I'd return to my little European town and enjoy the peaceful country side and the somewhat clean air. :ROFLMAO:
  2. Schottky126

    Rate the avatar above you!

    I rate 9/10. PRO: I like the Moon; I like perfectly rounded Moon even more; Love the details and the shapes you used; Thanks for the constructive criticism! :D CONS: Only Judy avatars get 10/10. ;P For the weird lighting of my profile pic, that's due to the HEAVY post-processing I applied...
  3. Schottky126

    Press V to Pay Respects

    My V used to be a legend-seeker like yours, then she took some Arasaka bulls**t in the knee. :ROFLMAO: Poor man Vincent though, just 1h... Night City really is a dangerous place to live. :'(
  4. Schottky126

    Press V to Pay Respects

    Thanks to you for starting this amazing initiative! And also for taking your time and make these wonderful graphics. :D I won't be able to contribute anymore cause, as I said, I just can't play the game as another V. -.- But I'll follow the thread anyway, I'm really curious to see its evolution...
  5. Schottky126

    Delete this thread

    It was not a mistake, it was a deliberate artistic choice and, as such, you can say that you don't like it, that you'd have done otherwise but you cannot say it is wrong cause, in the end, it's all down to personal preference. If someone's draws a completely realistic human but then put anime...
  6. Schottky126

    Rate the avatar above you!

    "Best girl." 10/10 PS: I deleted the IGN part cause I just found out the true meaning of that meme and I wasn't sarcastic. :ROFLMAO:
  7. Schottky126

    Corpo lifepath = solid story about freedom & family [SPOILERS]

    I did the Corpo path but went with the Arasaka ending and yet the game still gives you a chance of (partial?) redemption at the very end (which my V took). The only thing I didn't like was the game putting it as "if you choose the Arasaka ending that means you like them and therefore you evil"...
  8. Schottky126

    Your useless talent

    I can make such bad dad jokes that people listening to them start seriously questioning the worth of life. And the worst thing is I cannot even make them on will.
  9. Schottky126

    Press V to Pay Respects

    This is a great idea, and I'll gladly partecipate! My V didn't have the best of the endings, but she found the resolution to get back on Earth and live the remaining of her life to the fullest, finally freeing herself from the corpo world. I really hope that her story doesn't end there cause I...
  10. Schottky126

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    I mean, explicit stuff is everywhere in Night City, maybe they don't even care. :ROFLMAO:
  11. Schottky126

    Playstation Store

    If it is true that you just have to click that link, consider one who just want to have information about the refund, got there with his phone, scrolls down the page and accidentally click on the link (not that uncommon with a touchscreen). I mean, they should have at least a confirmation form.
  12. Schottky126

    Attention to Detail

    Ikr! It's incredible the amount of details around the city, I think that's why the illusion of "reality" last this long even with all the problems the game have with AI, interactability, ecc.
  13. Schottky126

    What if I want to do continual play of CP 2077

    It was the same for me: idk why but I didn't want to end my journey with my first V, I felt like I missed a really big part of the world when I reached the point of no return. Last weekend I decided to finish my first playthrough: I already started another one to test a completely different...
  14. Schottky126

    Attention to Detail

    The person that put that tag on that box is not the same person that fixes glitches and implements functionalities ;)
  15. Schottky126

    Attention to Detail

    The point is not the content of the tag, the point is that someone spent time into putting such a smaller detail even in a place where it's really unlikely for some one to look at.
  16. Schottky126

    I don't think the driving model sucks

    What I really don't like about vehicles in general in this game is that when driving slow they feel really "stuttery", in particular the gearbox never switch to a lower gear when decelerating and when you give gas again the switch to the new gear is really unrealistic (I mean, I even get the...
  17. Schottky126

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    End of a journey.
  18. Schottky126

    A statement made by CDPR regarding Keanu Reeves mod is concerning

    Here in Europe a lot of laws about copyright have changed in recent years so that finding may be a little outdated. ':) Also in my country we don't have the concept of "precedent" and every case is treated separately, are we sure that isn't the case for the European Court too?
  19. Schottky126

    Stealth mode

    Never tried using quick hacks in an offensive way for now (as I said my build rely only on stealth and high crit damage) but it could be that, even if they are activated at the same time, the game thinks of them as two separate attacks that don't kill the enemy immediately => everyone gets...
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