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  1. hellomishki

    Things you'd like to see added to Photomode

    I'm not asking for the world here, but make V actually hold a cigarette/vape between their fingers in the 'Break Time' pose :shrug:
  2. hellomishki

    [Spoiler Alert] What is your most favorite song/music?

    I have no idea what the name of the track is - but the music playing at the Pacific Serenity Bible Church in Pacifica during the mission ‘M'ap Tann Pelen’. The atmosphere they managed to create in that space was such a 'wow' moment for me.
  3. hellomishki

    What's your favorite ride so far?

    The Magikai Maimai. I've unlocked a lot of other vehicles and this is was my first and still my go-to for zipping around the city, i love drifting around corners and squeezing through traffic at full speed :LOL:
  4. hellomishki

    Crafting "ping" chip - is that a bug or not?

    THANK YOU! I had the exact same problem and thought this was bugged for me, specifically because the green one I have has the yellow exclamation icon on it.
  5. hellomishki

    Show me your outfit of choice!

    Everyone's fashion choices are so creative, so awesome to see them! Here is my V when she's in Netrunner mode (also hanging out with my fave netrunner) and here is my 'off duty' look: 1609022078 I need those boots in my life :love:
  6. hellomishki

    Photo Mode Missing Poses

    Yep! Can confirm this is correct, wearing a coat won't let you select that pose but a jacket is fine. I had the same issue and had to remove the trench coat I was wearing in order to get the "Waiting for Godot" pose back :giggle:
  7. hellomishki

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    I love seeing how different everyone's Vs turned out! Here is my netrunner V :giggle:
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