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    Several issues with Cyberpunk 2 decisions made by the devs

    Yeah, there's some aggressive despawning of vehicles in 2.0, even the ones you own. It's a pity, I liked the immersion of parking a vehicle and finding it there
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    [BUG] 2.02 - Violence quest

    it seems related to the bartender somehow. If he's outside, you can't go in. I manage to have him inside by skipping time to a couple of days in the morning, and he's in his place, behaving like it's evening. But it's not consistent, as I have reloaded the save and can't manage to make him spawn...
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    [BUG] 2.02 - Violence quest

    Can't enter Riot club at any hour, all doors are inaccessible with no interaction prompt, and the club is always closed.
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    Chimera boss fight presents a huge game design problem

    Cyberpunk 2077 is a game based on choices in gameplay, allowing the player to do combat builds or stealth builds. But the opening of Phantom Liberty completely disregards the core design of the base game, forcing the player into combat situations and then into a boss fight even if the player has...
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    Patch 2.02

    In the Disasterpiece quest, Judy gets stuck on the stairs when the player reaches the maintenance room
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    Disasterpiece quest - Judy bug

    Judy is stuck on the stair when your reach the maintenance room. It seems this is an old bug, but as 2.01 still persists in the game.
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    Patch 2.01 coming soon (known issues)

    Gimme Danger quest is broken for me, NPCs become hostile without anyone spotting me.
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    *Minor spoilers* Gimme Danger potential bug

    Still isn't fixed, it has happend to be now in 2.01 I just get spotted seemingly out of nowhere. Any workaround?
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    Level scaling ruins the game

    Yes, but it's progression for progression's sake. You acquire more skils and cyberware, but with them you can defeat the same people that you could defeat at level 1. The progression stops there. It also makes no sense in the world itself, as end game V can take on Adam Smasher. But how does it...
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    Level scaling ruins the game

    I hope it isn't true :cry: How does it make sense?
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    Level scaling ruins the game

    No, you couldn't, at least not at the max difficulty (which is how it was meant to be played). Try going against the Militech outpost in the badlands as soon as you start Act 2 in 1.63, see how long you last.
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    Level scaling ruins the game

    Does it matter when you can take on Arasaka or Militech as a level 5 gonk? even when you reach level 50 and install tons of Cyberware, there is nothing you can do that you couldn't do at level 5.
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    Why wasn't Monowire a stealth cyber-arm, why make all of them offensive

    Uh, interesting ideas. Monowire could've been used for stealth kills from a distance, or for connecting with an enemy and launch exclusive quickhack unavailable through normal netrunning. They could've made it similar to Emily's power in Dishonored 2, using it to get items from the distance or...
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    Removing Breach Protocol from PVE was a terrible idea.

    Many of the people that developed the original Cyberpunk are gone, and have been replaced with new developers, including the director. These new people apparently didn't like or understood the original vision and have decided to focus everything on combat because it's what makes the most views...
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    My favourite game, now dead

    The problem is not combat netrunning. It's clear that the archetype intended by CDPR was a combat focused build with quickhacks as support tools. The problem is that stealth netrunning, where you don't get caught and don't enter combat, is not possible anymore because of the dumb tracing...
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    Need more perk points (atleast 10 to 15) for base game

    Expecially since they have removed attribute requirements for cyberware and weapons, attributes are mostly useless and just there for unlocky flavour dialogue and perks.
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    Level scaling ruins the game

    Oh yeah, it's very realistic when you have low level gang members suddently become super hard to kill with insane health and armor because they are encountering a max level V. Or the opposite, Arasaka and Militech members with low health and almost no cyberware because they are encountering a...
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    My favourite game, now dead

    Wasn't he game director at Bioware? 1695425473 Yeah, they completely removed stealth playstyle, taking a build based on Intelligence and forcing this build into combat. It's total incompetence. They destroyed any build that isn't "take this gun and shoot". The strenght of the original game...
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