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  1. croloris

    Change Foltest's ability from Devotion to Inspired

    That is sort of the point of is a balancing mechanic. You get access to rather overturned cards in exchange for no longer being able to use the best neutral cards in the game, namely the deck thinners and Heatwave.
  2. croloris

    Roadmap + Update 8.3 Overview Video

    While I am always happy to pile on CDPR and some of its choice, If I remember correctly these cards were milled with a full refund. So you now have a chance to repurchase them...for the 3rd time. Since even when unlocked as skins, you still had to pay RP to get to the individual leader trees.
  3. croloris

    Is it even possible to win with a budget deck anymore?

    Win a game, yes. Have a good win percentage, probably not. Let's take a deck everyone has, like a Scoia'tel Artifact deck made for the play 20/40 artifact decks. Mine uses leader ability Guerilla Tactics...and has for 2+ years in order to help with Crushing traps and runs Ciri Nova as it's...
  4. croloris

    Are legendary drop rates getting worse?

    @Six-Sided-Prism in addendum, for me it also overwhelmingly upgrades the 3rd card... This has been bothering me for almost two seasons and I thought I would never have an opportunity to vent this fact relief is palpable. :smart:
  5. croloris

    This Week in GWENT 13.03.2020

    I miss the glory days when Burza's TWiG content could not miss. I hope you keep the puns and humor alive and well.
  6. croloris

    Who is the genius behind the Viper Witcher Mentor buff?

    I think the clogger archetype would be fine if all of the bronze cards shuffled cards into your deck and the gold cards put things on top of your deck. In addition, for 5 provisions, Viper Witcher should not be able to 1) put doomed tokens back into your deck 2) give you bleeding 2 3) make you...
  7. croloris

    Let's speculate about the new Journey

    My guess it will be Viy. Slama is probably tired of writing detailed stories, so he could just mail this journey in. Write a paragraph or two, and always end it with "but Viy wasn't truly destroyed, she just burrowed deep to cocoon beneath the ground. She would soon return, bigger than...
  8. croloris

    How much should GWENT cost?

    No, THIS IS SPARTA !!! Seriously though, I think they handle the system fairly well with income from cosmetics. Aside from some major slip ups with Journey Grinding requirements and Cosmetics behind $50 - $65 expansion keg pack paywalls you can play the game and optionally pay real money for...
  9. croloris

    Make Tokens Animated

    I know cards like The Guardian had Savolla's Frightener had premium animation at one point in the games history. I also remember when due to time crunches involved in the 4 expansion year of the wild boar, they elected not to animate tokens. But I cannot remember why the choice was made to...
  10. croloris

    Any long-time players here? Has the game gotten better over time?

    I have been around since the 1st day of the launch on console. The game is in a much better state than it was in beta now, but the raw energy of new that suffused the product during the beta stages is long gone. Every month was an adventure back then, with sweeping balance changes and dramatic...
  11. croloris

    Seasonal Tree (Vesemir) - bug

    If you are still having this issue or other quest related issues in the future, one tried and true workaround is to try to complete the quest NOT USING cards from the current expansion. Many and I mean many instances in the past have proven this to be true. From Onieromancy not being counted...
  12. croloris

    Why Viy must go

    I agree with the original poster that Viy in its current state must go. One of the Reddit suggestions was that Viy's deathwish ability be removed and the card have text the reads "When this card is consumed....Shuffle Viy back to your deck then increase its base power by 3" This helps two...
  13. croloris

    Not received reward contract

    I had the same issue with this contract...last year...and again this year. It is among many that have been broken seemingly forever. Confetti Machine is also in that group, since it does not count cards that are auto milled under the new Mill system and all of the Faction Challenge quests...
  14. croloris

    Why was it so difficult to upgrade to Way of the Witcher?

    Sadly, I had to go through this entire process again for the latest patch. It seems every time a new card is added, the Play store updating fails, and I need to reinstall the game. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy 8 about 3.5 years old.
  15. croloris

    Please give Leader that deploy on the Board a provision cost

    @Draconifors You need to branch out man, play some meme cards. don't reroll the 20 or 40 artifacts quest and live a little in casual mode. Seriously though, I do enjoy traps and new cards so it has happened to me twice this month on Pitfall and Triangle (it is too soon for TwT to be born.)...
  16. croloris

    Please give Leader that deploy on the Board a provision cost

    Hey Gwent team, you have a problem, Leaders that deploy on the Board do not currently have a provision cost. So do cards like Shupe. There is solution, Please give Leaders that deploy on the Board either a) provision cost equal to their card strength; or b) provision cost equal to the...
  17. croloris

    Now I understand why Gwent was removed from consoles

    It is ironic that a couple of weeks ago Sony pulled Cyberpunk from the PS Store and offered refunds to all purchasers December 18th, 2020. I cheered. Around a year ago, December 5th, 2019, they stopped supporting Gwent for consoles due to an inability to support different versions of the game...
  18. croloris

    When do your cards become visible to your opponent?

    Gwent tracks your mouse movements for the opposing player, highlighting cards as you pass over them. The highlight disappears if you hover on a card in your hand after a second or 2. I believe Clicking on text also causes this to disappear. The hovering is usually a connection issue, traffic...
  19. croloris

    When you destroy ninth unit in a row the unit does not spawn in the relevant row. Why?

    I do not think this is a glitch, but more of a conscious choice of the developers to aid swarming tactics. Over filling you board often leads to the most frustrating of situations, and it is further complicated by spying units. I have always believed that The dev team just want you to have an...
  20. croloris

    Is there a reward for completing this seasonal reward book?

    Thank you for asking the initial question. This is good information to know in case you wasn't too invest the money into premiums instead of festive non animated borders and titles.
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