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  1. LoWhilll

    I (really wish that ) the record players in all safehouses worked and is scripted for to be interacted with.

    I agree! You can use the record player in the 100k safehouse. But yeah, it would be cool if the vinyls were usable, i.e. the Legendary ones you can buy from the store. It probably has something to do with limiting the number of songs in the game, but they should have just connected the vinyls to...
  2. LoWhilll

    Suggestion: The next evolution of BD

    I see your point. I would however really want to experience the different paths a conversation can go, too. Like, what happens if I choose the humble reply versus the aggressive reply? I really want to experience this, but not enough that I'm willing to reload from a previous save every time I...
  3. LoWhilll

    Suggestion: The next evolution of BD

    Would it be a problem for you, though? Could you just... not use the feature?
  4. LoWhilll

    Suggestion: The next evolution of BD

    [I hope this will reach the developer team. I know you have had hundreds of suggestions like this one before, but please read my 'Why' and 'How'] Hi! After buying Phantom Liberty ("PL"), I decided to start a new playthrough of the game. I now have 110+ hrs in my second playthrough, 200 hours...
  5. LoWhilll

    Phone bug still present

    I have had this bug about 10 times now during my new 100+ hour playthrough, all of which began quite far out in the game. Since the game auto saves very often, I find the best solution to keep my eyes open for the bug and restart from the last autosave as quickly as possible. I hope this...
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