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    [TW1][mod] Stuff that make Geralt's life easier!!

    This mod is brilliant. The cat and meditate are extremely helpful, and the storage is absolutely invaluable. Running out of room was so frustrating for me, it was ruining my game. Now I not only have room for all the potions, alcohol, grease, bomb equipment, etc., I want, but can also ensure...
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    Death Dust: Who wants it? Raise your hand...

    You get into Old Vizima later in the game.Why do you need to "make nice" with Vincent? I mean, what makes you think you are in his bad graces? He's not the most congenial chap anyway (though there is much more to Vincent than meets the eye).Sometimes, the only way to "make nice" with a character...
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    Welcome Thread [Archive]

    Hello. My screen name, yruynn?, is cumbersome to type, so if you want you can just call me centime. Of course, it was taken when I registered, as were my next many choices, so I just reverted to the one that I knew would be available. Yruynn? is meant to be pronounced by reading each letter...
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    [Act I] Is Abigail bad and guilty?

    Okay, I just got here (sort of), so I have to throw in my two cents...The doll threw me off a bit, until I recalled that upon visiting each of Heron, Mikul and Odo, as well as outside the (bandits) cave and just down from the Chapel, the Beast appeared at each location. It, of course, has to be...
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    [TW1][mod] Excellent Leather Jacket retex

    Thank you so much, Nurgoth (hopefully you are still around), for this very excellent black rendition of Geralt's leathers. Very nicely done.Thank you as well, speedwaystar, for reuploading the file. I was worried when I found the broken link, but thanks to you Geralt will look much more to my...
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    The Community Mod Directory

    I really appreciate what you have done with this great list of mods. It definitely makes things easier for me, as I just got the game and didn't really have a clue about where to look for mods. It is nice to have it categorized as well.Nicely done, Roxtar, thank you.yruynn?
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