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  1. --Kory--

    Sorry to say but JS was just too aggravating

    I feel you. I disliked Johnny too, I even wanted a dlc where we could get rid of him immediately back when the game first came out. But the story progresses, and V (and me the player) starts to get used to Silverhand's bullshit. Also there are moments in the dlc that just make me smile...
  2. --Kory--

    Oh, cops!

    It makes as much sense as Geralt going around every corner of the map killing bandits and clearing out hideouts. It's common open world game design to dot the world with things to kill for XP and loot.
  3. --Kory--

    New Metro Narrative.

    I like the animations they added. I don't need to run around the train personally. Maybe if there was a fight that breaks out, but even then that could be a cutscene-like option similar to the Maelstrom meet up in the beginning of the game.
  4. --Kory--

    Gangs Coming after V in 2.1

    I some point it has to become obvious to someone in the gangs to realize V is taking Night City by storm if you are doing gigs.
  5. --Kory--

    Should the next Cyberpunk have multiplayer?

    Co-op story mode in a Cyberpunk cRPG made by CDPR. That would be great multiplayer.
  6. --Kory--

    Several issues with Cyberpunk 2 decisions made by the devs

    There's a good amount of playstyles based on the different cyberware alone, not to mention the skill tree.
  7. --Kory--

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    Points for you if know what's going on here. :beer:
  8. --Kory--

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    On the road to the major leagues
  9. --Kory--

    Several issues with Cyberpunk 2 decisions made by the devs

    #2 is a regular open world RPG thing where one of the main components of gameplay is looting and more looting, for crafting. I would rather go to a merchant npc to pay for upgrades and crafted items than worry about looting corpses and boxes all the time. On top of that, what would be good is...
  10. --Kory--

    Call of Duty put third person view into their new game, RE village selling Third person mode as a DLC, May be 2077 should do the same

    That would probably require many animation updates for 3rd person alone. o_O So much attention for something that is not important to the current design of the game. Would be cool though. I love seeing my character in the action and fully animated in 3rd person in most games.
  11. --Kory--


    Whilst not perfectly Cyberpsychosis, V dealing with the affects of a broken shard in his head, and an engram personality construct that is killing and making him sick is enough "cyberpsychosis" for me to deal with in game. Anything other than that might just feel tacked on for difficulty sake...
  12. --Kory--

    What do you desire for the first expansion (not DLC) ? Make a list

    (y) Cyberpunk always had that foundation on roleplaying and immersion going back to the 90s I believe. It's no wonder why some wanted, and kind of expected features like the ideas you mentioned.
  13. --Kory--

    Is there still a chance to see the subway implemented in Night City? 🚇

    I thought the fast travel stations worked as the public transportation. They are placed in spots that would be a bus stop or a train station. Up for player's interpretation.
  14. --Kory--

    Should be calling it Cyberpatch at this stage

    CDPR Dev still working on patches.... :LOL:
  15. --Kory--

    [Idea] V for the Mayor!

    None of the gangs and their associates would vote or campaign for V for obvious explosive and painful reasons :LOL: As soon as V shows his face the negative propaganda machine would destroy him in no time and an Ai forcing V to win would make things worse. ....the writers at CDPR are amazing...
  16. --Kory--

    Platonic relationships with love interests

    With Kerry, no because his missions made V feel like a tag along muppet helping the famous rocker. Very entertaining though. Especially the concert part. But the whole get on a boat and sit down while I play guitar, take this picture for me thing was a little too sheepish from a writing...
  17. --Kory--

    Sex Toys, Taxi Cabs, and Cigarettes.

    CP2077 Smoke a Cigar DLC coming 2022 WATCH OUT! :smart:
  18. --Kory--

    Boxing Is Actually Fun

    One of the things I wanted to get people's opinion on also is the little stories that came with the action. In the Witcher it was always some forgettable peasant to fight, but here in Night City there is interesting interactions, and some seem to have follow ups depending on your choices and...
  19. --Kory--

    WEAPON IDEAS - Post yours

    Duel Wielding pistols and revolvers like Jackie. :)
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