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  1. Audie_Carpenter

    Why missing Cinematic/3rd person Cutscenes is THE biggest flaw

    I dont get how the lack of cut scenes would be considered as the biggest flaw in the game. :shrug:
  2. Audie_Carpenter

    Check Out These Concept Art

    CD PROJEKT RED Cyberpunk 2077 Art Blast
  3. Audie_Carpenter

    Why do these dystopic games never have psychiatrists?

    Please fix your title to Why do these dystopic games never have barbers or operating vending machines?
  4. Audie_Carpenter

    We need a Q&A event with CD Projekt Red. "honest and direct communication"

    W.I.P.. For me, there was no confusion that the demo was subject to change, especially with W.I.P. clearly watermarked and verbally repeated the whole hour. And like their game developing motto, any detailed information will be "coming when it's ready", so long their lawyers allow it. lol.
  5. Audie_Carpenter

    A little worrying

    It feels like people bought in too much in the video demonstrations while the game was still in development and likely to change in the subsequent release. I'm old, so I've experienced games that "promised" things like Spore, No Man's Sky, Street Fighter vs Tekken, Anthem, and Fallout 76 and...
  6. Audie_Carpenter

    Nomad Ending Gear, No Spoilers

    This bullshit happened in my play through, too. :shrug:
  7. Audie_Carpenter

    TV Program in CP2077

    I hate the advertisement. "Ooooooooooooooorgiatic!" and "Taste the love!" every friggin 10 seconds.
  8. Audie_Carpenter

    The Sex Scenes are really horrible

    Sex in video games is generally bad. They come off awkward, silly, and scene-breaking. Few can pull off that, but generally leading the player to this voyeuristic scenario feels goofy and strange.
  9. Audie_Carpenter

    Immersion Comparison

    the endings of this game aren't so radically different from on another: similar outcomes, but depicted differently.
  10. Audie_Carpenter

    OK, with all the love that..........

    I'm team Merideth, baby. :howdy: Also, it seems like the world forgot about Misty when Fem V and Judy came out. Misty was, like, the playmate of year for a good chunk.
  11. Audie_Carpenter

    The Sex Scenes are really horrible

    (Asking for better sex in games)
  12. Audie_Carpenter

    The Sex Scenes are really horrible

    I ... LOVED the Meridith scene. It was great for a laugh. I would've been happy to experience more than just one nightstand and have the intercourse be more hilariously bizarre and awkward than the next after each visit. Add some fun, crazy fairy tale roleplay one visit, and one sexy moment...
  13. Audie_Carpenter

    Does half the map feel unused and not explored by main missions?

    Breh? New Austin, forgetting that huge load of space? Haha. Oh, and Mexico is totally locked off for some reason.
  14. Audie_Carpenter

    Anybody Missing Inventory Items After Passing the Game?

    After beating the story, I am sent back to a previous chapter. A message appears announcing that I can keep all looted items after beating the game. This is absolutely false because they're not in my inventory. They're gone. Is this a bug being fixed or some bad game design? It makes no sense...
  15. Audie_Carpenter

    A good reminder for CDPR how to make a CRPG

    play the pen and paper game.
  16. Audie_Carpenter

    Must haves for the DLC/Huge Patch January/March for Panam, Judy, River

    I liked the dynamic relationship Judy had with my Male V. I saw nothing wrong with that friendship. We didn't have any romantic awkwardness, it just was a meaningful bond shared between Judy and V and that story was pretty rewarding. Anyways, that was the goal I had for both Judy and Male V.
  17. Audie_Carpenter

    Easter eggs (spoilers)

    These were some pretty cool finds. Roy Batty and Syd Mead, the illustrator who designed the look of the cyberpunk genre you know.
  18. Audie_Carpenter

    PS4: I wasn't gonna refund.. then your last "patch" happened...

    It's kinda weird, but after the hotfix, I had no real problems except one or two crashes. One real annoyance, however, is not being able to obtain the loot items after the game's ending. All rewards are gone.
  19. Audie_Carpenter

    Did CDPR miss a great chance by not incl. Retro wave?

    Synthwave is played out for the cyberpunk genre. Can't deny that especially because you said how often the sound is associated with cyberpunk aesthetics. Shit, it gets repetitive. I'm happy they've recognized it and moved up to the industrial and other movements. But that doesn't all mean...
  20. Audie_Carpenter

    ( PC ) End game without rewards and items from last phase

    I got this... bug, too. Same ending and lifepath.
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