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    Parche 1.1

    Me sucede lo mismo, he reinstalado el juego de nuevo y el problema continua... Hasta que no arreglen esto no puedo continuar jugando... El próximo parche cuando sera? En una semana? Dos semanas? Casi prefereria no haber instalado el parche la verdad.
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    Patch 1.1

    Takemura's phone call is bugged. He doenst' says anything and just stays silent there forever. His portrait blocks you from interacting with other NPCs like vendors or use Quick Travel Machines, You can't even Save the game... That needs to be fixed asap please, because the game becomes...
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    Patch 1.1

    Hi Alicja, after the 1.1 Patch install, I recieved Takemura's phone call for "How We Changed" quest. It happened just a few seconds after loading my last save. But now his portrait just stays on the left up corner of the screen, and he doesnt talks at all. Having his portrait there blocks me...
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