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    [MOD] Witcher 3 RE:mods

    Nice, I've never seen vanilla lighting looks this good. Great work!
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    Increased Lod

    Yeah, that mod doesn't touch any of the proxies so should be no problem running both.
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    Increased Lod

    What resolution are you playing at? 1080p? If so you should have enough headroom with those specs to run on ultra together with this mod, what would cause problems performance wise would be hairworks. Has already been confirmed that it is
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    Increased Lod

    I'm filled with joy seeing this thread resurface with such excellent news. Greatly looking forward to the mod, incredible work guys! It's been a long time coming :)
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    [Mod Request}More Werewolves in the game

    Pretty sure you can use this mod and set it up to spawn more werewolves.
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    Modding Discord?

    Psst, the link is still visible in the quote messages. Just a heads up. :)
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    Wiedzmin Lighting Mod 9.0

    Cool to have you back friend :)
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    Wiedzmin Lighting mod New Skellige

    To be fair, The Witcher 3 doesn't take place during winter. If it did the entire isles would covered in snow and ice. If that is what you want there is a mod for it on the Nexus.
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    Realistically Improved Yennefer VGX E3 Trailer TRVE DLC Appearance

    My guess is Video Game Awards, so VGX pretty much which might be this Though as I recall it Yennefer's character model wasn't officially revealed until the SoD trailer.
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    If you are going to make a comparison like this at least make the angles, time of day and weather the same so the shots can be I don't know... actually compared.
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    [Mod Idea] E3 sword positioning while on Roach

    The angle of the swords is slightly different between the builds. That's it You can see the silver sword crossing Geralt's arm for example in the E3 version.
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    [Lighting Mods] STLM 3.0

    I did that already, check the end of this post
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    [MOD Help] Gwent Background Retexture

    I suspect this requires Lua,which is also used to extract icons, gwent cards etc. There's a tutorial for it here
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    [Lighting Mods] STLM 3.0

    What would that make easier exactly? All that would is that I would get spammed with error reports and claims that the patch doesn't even work And no, I don't feel good about uploading something on there that is not entirely my own work, only with essenthy 's consent would I consider it. Yes...
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    [Lighting Mods] STLM 3.0

    Try Von Everec estate again now, updated the link once more. Also tweaked the Velen/Novigrad weather table (again), not sure this can be 100% fixed tbh A lot
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    [Lighting Mods] STLM 3.0

    Updated the the download link as I made a quick hotfix. Disabled the WT_Mid_Clouds weather type as it was causing problems in Velen/Novigrad. Example of the issue blow Thanks to GroveJR for pointing it out.
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    [Mod Request] Triss W2-head

    To make more people pick Yen I suppose. :P
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    [Lighting Mods] STLM 3.0

    The clouds should behave more correctly with this yes. The "terrible" clouds are there in vanilla as well, but usually hidden by another (and more higher quality) cloud layer, and this layer often does not load as it should in the original mod but they should load in correctly with the patch.
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    [Lighting Mods] STLM 3.0

    Yeah, ignore that the original mod got "corrupted". The merged file should still work
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    [Mod Request] New Game++

    Seems such a mod was just released
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