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    What’s coming in Update 2.0: Revamped Police

    Im pretty sure Maelstromers can still run after me shooting and police dont give a flyin
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    What game are you currently playing

    Escapist ftw :p
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    The way fixers meet us

    Its silly and a lazy way to shove side quest in. Another unrelated silly thing is why the hell is Delamain giving advice to Victor when V is on the operation table?
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    Games that made you cry? [SPOILERS]

    I still didn't play the epilogue, game just ended for me when Arthur died .
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    Edgerunners Update (Patch 1.6) — list of changes

    Fixed the temporary FPS drops when opening the Map or Inventory on PC and Stadia. Oh thank god.
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    Announcing Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

    Why? Will probably be more fun to play it :P
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    Anyone kinda surprised 1.6 isn’t out yet?

    No idea why everyone is so hung up on transmog thing, I just wear whatever I like. At least the game gets a little challenging with less armor.
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    New silent update?

    Gigs pops up depending on your streetcred, you are probably too low.
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    I don't like Panam Palmer

    I cant stand the bitch She takes out her frustration on V in start for losing her Car and argument with Rogue. Then after V helps her she wants to go on some insane vengance thing which I reluctantly agreed to after some yelling. She skids in throws V in the line of fire and stands behind the...
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    Map Lag

    Hppens to me in story areas, Little China (Toms diner, Vics, Lizzys and Afterlife) In japantown its around Clouds and Jig Jig. Everywhere else I can go in and out of map with no issues.
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    Why did they remove a lot of good stuff? Disappointing

    3 At the Pacifica cinema where you meet the Net watch agent there was a legendary item (don't really remember what it was but I remember it was nice). No longer there, now you find nothing in that office. They just moved it, I found it on my way out, also Lizzy has been moved to the backroom in...
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    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

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    Crafting confused

    Ok thanks for the feedback. Guess common schematics for gear is for roleplayers and wepons is only something CDPR can explain.
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    Crafting confused

    Yeah I noticed new recipes pops in from outer space when my crafting level increase. This is a bloody mess.
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    Crafting confused

    How do I know if the white schematics will get upgraded with crafting level? I seen them at vendors for like 18k, very weird they are totally useless?
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    Crafting confused

    The mods and Icon stuff are pretty straight forward but I have some gear that tells me upgrading will increase the quality, does all crafted gear do this? Cuz I been using the Black Unicorn and it dosnt have any notifictions on it and it turned Epic after upgrading. And what is the point...
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    CDPR vindicated those who doubted their promise

    No mans sky is a grindy mmo with VR, CP2077 is a single player game that got pushed out 18 months too early. I dont expect anything else than a expansion or 2.
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    With which gender do you prefer to play videogames in general? [Poll] [Spoilers]

    I always played male, Mass Effect and voice acting changed that, its night and day on Femshep or Malshep. So after that I usual go with female because of the quality of voiceact.
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    I posted them on my facebook on ps4 and retrieved them on my pc. Not a brilliant solution but iam dumb and didnt figure any other way to do it.
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