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    A New Saga Begins

    Wow who would have thought, a ciri witcher game, im excited but i hoped for something else tbh They gave 200k dollars to aid ukraine no need to start calling shit randomly
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    BRO. You're making mad progress i love what you're doing, keep it up!
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    Important update about Cyberpunk 2077 release date

    While still kinda surprised by another delay its pretty understandable why it got pushed to november, if y'all remember they couldn't even record all the VA for day one on disk in time for september. And i'm pretty sure there are other structural problems other than fixing bugs and...
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    The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan PL

    Nah lexar is the only one who does that
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    [tools] radish modding tools for quest creation

    Ok i did not see this ever coming as a real thing dayum :love:
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    New smilies available!

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    The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

    I just need this and i can finally replay it :giggle::love::giggle::love:o_Oo_Oo_O:eek:o_O:eek:
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    FP VS TP - perspective matters

    Well, probably not
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    FP VS TP - perspective matters

    Chill guys, at worst we'll have a mod that will allow us to walk around the city in tpp. I doubt combat will ever be a thing even with mods.
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    Hello, Night City!

    You mean the almost omnipresent yellow filter? jk Well good for you but this "realistic" approach killed the atmosphere for me. I prefer to have a fitting and immersive atmosphere than a realistic world. And to stay on topic, this last thought of mine applies to Cyberpunk 2077 as well.
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    Hello, Night City!

    Yeah, and TW3 actually turned out to be more colorful than its predecessors, just look at TW1 color palette. YEP. That was my thought as well. It seems they scrapped not only the development progress they did in these years but also their previous ideas/vision of Cyberpunk, to attract a more...
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    [Mod Request] E3 Hud

    that's just some fucked up weighting of bones
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    MOD Request, Wolf Gear collar clipping fix

    cuz i meid dis for maself boi, long ago
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    Proof of concept for lipsynced speech and enhanced w2scene encoder features

    That's really awesome. :cheers: Well i guess everyone will be able to make content about it, but ye i'd like to create something aswell when this will be released.
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    Patched wcc_lite for faster startup

    I'm speechless. Thanks btw.
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    I was not referring to her at all. Mahakham guards/defenders, what they have to do with the Scoiat'ael, same for their king as leader. Francesca and the dol blathanna units? The Scoiat'ael are totally against the Dol Blathanna, daheck is going on
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    Or even why da heck cdpr turned the Scoiat'ael deck into the "every kind of nonhumans of the continent" deck
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