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  1. McDodge34

    Looking for hacks for 2nd playthrough:

    Do not click on the first big download link that flash on the screen when you look for trainers, this is how you end up with shit like that, I use WeMod client, simple and effective, yes some trainers will report as a virus to most anti-virus, but its because they use techniques a virus would...
  2. McDodge34

    Looking for hacks for 2nd playthrough:

    Just don't try to use it right now, you won't even be able to launch the game with patch 1.05 installed, wait till they release a new update for it, but Fling should do this quickly, if he didn't use parts of the console for his cheats, in this case, it could take awhile since they removed the...
  3. McDodge34

    Unable to get back into game world after credits

    What is the name of this mission that I need to avoid at all costs before I'm finished with all side quests
  4. McDodge34

    Hotfix 1.05

    Will this update cause the same problem that forced me to basically redownload the whole game on steam, its a little frustrating to see the updates take 3hrs to install, the whole game download takes less time to reinstall than letting it update itself, its like if the whole game had to be...
  5. McDodge34

    Save files are corrupted

    1st turn off cloud save on whatever platform you might be playing, I've learned to never ever trust cloud saving, it always end up corrupted somehow eventually, I did my own cloud saving solution to avoid theses problems, take the program gamesave manager, you can then move the save folders...
  6. McDodge34

    Does anyone know why cars got openable front and back ? all 3 cars that I own, have that feature.

    If they would go in depth with this, perhaps we could upgrade our engines, add some addons, that would be an epic immersion thing for a RPG.
  7. McDodge34

    Is this game an rpg?

    Sorry but right now, I can't call it a RPG, if I want to sneak through a mission I can't finish it with sneaking abilities, there's always a boss and you can't even think of fighting it with blades or blunt weapons, you need to have a good firearm and a crap ton of ammo and first aid kits. For...
  8. McDodge34

    Open world game but not playable after ending

    Now that I know about this, what mission I should avoid completing to avoid getting stuck, what is the name of the last mission so I won't risk playing it before I'm over with the whole sidequests and freeroaming around.
  9. McDodge34

    too dark when walking inside buildings

    Yup, I have same problem, I made a suggestion to get a night vision (would be normal in a technology based system, it could be an upgrade module for the eyes) or a simple torch we could toggle on and off like the Fallout 4 pip boy light.
  10. McDodge34

    Will Modding Ever be Supported / Even Allowed under the EULA?

    I don't think they can, its just exactly a generic EULA for sure, in multiplayer, yeah for sure they can ban your account and block your game, but in singleplayer, I doubt it.
  11. McDodge34

    Rate the avatar above you!

    7/10 heartwarming
  12. McDodge34

    Just remove the cops spawning for now.

    Don't bash on the poor game devs, the decision to release the game is certainly not theirs, share holders wanted to make money real quick before Christmas, its clear the game is totally unfinished product. But I agree, cops should be out of this game right now, I'm trying to play all their...
  13. McDodge34

    Will Modding Ever be Supported / Even Allowed under the EULA?

    GTA Online is unplayable on PC because of modders that can piss off players so much, hell in 2020 they can even grab your cars from your garage, stole them and delete them forever, same with your properties, so its not fun anymore, they deleted my yacht in april, and its not back, I miss the...
  14. McDodge34

    night vision style mods

    If its possible to use thermal vision in braindance editor, my guess is our trusty cyber eyes are also able to do this, I'm just annoyed they didn't think about the players wanting to use their cyber eyes for more than scanning purposes. Or it was still on the todo list when they were forced to...
  15. McDodge34

    night vision style mods

    How about a simple torch we can toggle on and off, in Fallout 4 we had our pipboy, in Cyberpunk 2077, nothing, something tells me lighting was designed with raytracing in mind, for the ones like me that can't afford to pay 2600$ for a graphic card, we're pretty screwed.
  16. McDodge34

    Why was braindance removed, especially since we can buy braindances?

    I'm also 100% sure they will do something, right now their main concern is avoid getting sued for causing epilepsy problems to gamers that can be affected by it and that never read the warnings and want to enjoy the game fully, hell they could even sue them because they can't enjoy braindance...
  17. McDodge34

    Why there are even dialogue options to chose if in 90% time you get only one choice or it doesn't matter anyway?

    The answer is, because the game is unfinished, its 100% clear that they got pushed to release it by their share holders and nothing is really finished, so instead of the various choices affecting the game and scenarios like a proper RPG should, they put everything to the same storyline.
  18. McDodge34

    Why was braindance removed, especially since we can buy braindances?

    The game is clearly unfinished, I'm 99% sure it was pressure from the share holders that forced them to release the game, I would bet that each style of characters (nomad, street kid, corpo) had a different questline in the works and now we only have a different start to end at the same exact...
  19. McDodge34

    [NOT A BUG] cannot change clothes, locked icon [SOLVED]

    Had the same issue until I found how to unequip the special suit slot, its not exactly intuitive how to do it.
  20. McDodge34

    night vision style mods

    Hi, I would really love to submit a new topic for a suggestion, we have all nice cyberstuff implants and such, but it looks like there's not any night vision style mods or even a simple flashlight that we can toggle, I feel some places are way too dark to see them properly, playing with...
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