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  1. Cipher-Six

    Please Add New Menu Art

    Dear CDPR, Please give us new artwork for the Cyberpunk 2077 menu screen. Currently the menu screen art will change based on the last main story mission completed, so someone who has finished the game will always have the image of the Arasaka parade warehouse crime-scene on their Menu screen...
  2. Cipher-Six

    A New Saga Begins

    Just wanted to put my 2cents in here that I really hope this new Witcher game is really a "new saga" and not a continuation of all the existing books and games. I love the books and especially love the games, but I don't want more of the same characters. I want new characters, new witchers, new...
  3. Cipher-Six

    Dear CDPR devs, list of suggestions

    Dear CDPR Devs, I have compiled a list of suggestions and requests for features that I would love to see added into Cyberpunk 2077. -Please give us Witcher 3-style roadmaps for DLC and future content. It doesn't even need to cover every piece of DLC, just 1 sentence blurbs and a couple of...
  4. Cipher-Six

    Patch 1.08 Notes

    Thanks for the patch CDPR! It doesn't look like there is anything fixing the Nobleman Statuette quest bug at the end of Blindingly Obvious and it doesn't look like the Reason of State bug has been fixed either. Hopefully they will be fixed soon!
  5. Cipher-Six

    ''Reason of State'' Quest Failed in the end of main quest

    Uh, this sounds like a pretty gigantic bug since it changes the outcome of the ending of the game. This is the first I'm hearing of it, I'm wondering if its not well-known since it requires finishing the MQ to trigger the bug.
  6. Cipher-Six

    [BUG] The Nobleman Statuette and The Soldier Statuette

    I'm also having this problem. I had both statue quests finished before Now or Never, and the Nobleman quest became active in my quest log after finishing the quest Blindingly Obvious. I talk to Triss, we go to shady room, and then nothing else happens. No way to complete the quest and now I'm...
  7. Cipher-Six

    [bug] the nobleman / soldier statuette still bugged after 1.07 [spoiler too]

    Same issue here, I did the quest before Now or Never, now, after Blindingly Obvious, the quest is back in my quest logs in Side Quests. And when I talk to Triss after Blindingly Obvious, I have the option to ask her about the statue, but I can only say "Lets do this later." I don't have the...
  8. Cipher-Six

    [Mega SPOILERS] Immersion Destroyer.

    This is such a weird thread title and complaint. Of course the immersion is broken, because the game is over and its not actively trying to immerse you anymore. Its over. Thats like saying "The taste of my sandwhich is broken" after you finished eating the sandwhich. Of course it doesn't have...
  9. Cipher-Six

    [Spoiler/Survey/Discussion] Pre-epilogue vs Post-epilogue DLC: What should CDPR focus on?

    I think post-ending content will easily be the most popular option, but its also the least likely. I voted for it, but I'm not expecting it.
  10. Cipher-Six

    Schrodinger's Characters - We need to put a stop to these

    I find it pretty weird that the biggest choice in TW2 is completely insignificant in TW3. I wouldn't expect smaller choices to matter, but TW3 should have done a better job with Anais and Saskia. You give up a lot to help them and its basically entirely irrelevant. I'm not worried about TW4...
  11. Cipher-Six

    The Gwent decks really aren't balanced, are they?

    Spies should only allow you to draw 1 card, not 2. 2 cards is silly powerful.
  12. Cipher-Six

    Bloody Baron different outcome, possibly bug?

    So do the children actually escape in this scenario?
  13. Cipher-Six

    Why would Geralt wear Temerian/Nilfgaardian armor?

    Because Geralt is a protagonist you are roleplaying, not a role you are reading from a script.
  14. Cipher-Six

    How to stop beard growth?

    Beard growth is really annoying to me. Its like weapon degradation on Geralt's face. I don't want to have to repair my face every 3-4 hours.
  15. Cipher-Six

    Which is the best looking Witcher Armour set?

    Ursine would look better if they fixed the clipping on the shoulders. I can't stand to wear it as long as its clipping. If they fix it, it will be my favorite armor in the game.
  16. Cipher-Six

    School items - Ruining exploration and economy?

    Yes and no. This is just what devs have difficulty balancing when trying to make crafting worth the players time. Crafting requires buying maps, treasure hunting, then having the materials to craft with. There is a much higher cost for crafting in both time and materials, than there is for just...
  17. Cipher-Six

    your favorite witcher set

    Ursine Master set IF they fix the clipping on the shoulders. I hate clipping and this is the only thing that I don't like about the Ursine armor! Go away clipping!
  18. Cipher-Six

    Such an uninspired disappointing story

    Ithlinne's Prophecy is introduced in TW1 when Geralt meets Alvin. Its not exactly like they just made it up, its been something they've been working towards for a while.
  19. Cipher-Six

    Save import - does it use more then the simulated state?

    Has anyone started keeping track of the small choices or references that are included in the save import? For instance, can you ask the doctor about Shani if you don't import a save from TW1? I am curious what these small import details are.
  20. Cipher-Six

    Possible Sequels

    I want to play as a brand new character. I love the Witcher universe, but the lore from the novels makes it more of a story-driven game and less of a roleplaying game. The protagonist of an RPG shouldn't have like 7 novels worth of backstory and established lore and baggage. RPG protagonists...
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