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  1. TheDudemanSw

    2.01 Issues with not being able to call or message people.

    Hi, I keep getting this issue in Cyberpunk 2077 where the "call/message" function is randomly disabled and will not allow me to make calls/message. For example in the main DLC quest line mission "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" I paid Hands for a shard of info and picked it up. I'm currently...
  2. TheDudemanSw

    2.01 Issue with Run This Town Crashing

    Hi, I've ran through the mission for Mr Hands "Run this Town" like 4 times now and the game crashes on the final part of the mission where I deactivate Aguilar. The game just goes into a blank screen to load something then crashes!!! Any help since I was looking forward majorly to Mr Hands...
  3. TheDudemanSw

    A New Saga Begins

    So what? Another game you announced to early, spend 10 years developing it just to release it to early? lol Good luck but I'm not holding my breath
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