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  1. Selim-no-Kashi

    Triss has started her Journey!

    Why are Triss's cosmetics better than Yen's journey? I mean her titles are colored and Yen's aren't. :ROFLMAO: also is it possible to have Geralt Journey cosmetics in the Shupe Shop? I started Gwent when it was already Ciri's Journey. :)
  2. Selim-no-Kashi

    Patch notes 8.4

    Hmmm. Not that exciting after 8.3. After reaching pro rank for the first time I guess this is another month to take a break from Gwent. Also seems like we'll be seeing the same decks running around. 😂
  3. Selim-no-Kashi

    8.3 Patch notes

    when will this go live?
  4. Selim-no-Kashi

    Journey pictures

    Hi. I am not sure if it's intended but the journey picture doesn't change as you scroll from week 2 and week 3. It still shows Yen as a baby held in her mom's arms. Please update what's happening? 😑
  5. Selim-no-Kashi

    POLL: Journey Stories? Yea or Nay?

    Hi guys is this where i report a bug? For my journey story apparently it's been 3 weeks but the image doesn't change when i scroll to week 2 and week 3. It's still Yen as a baby.
  6. Selim-no-Kashi

    "Hide cards" not present with some cards

    Hi guys. I just got back playing after a couple of mos and saw this change. Is this intended or a bug? I'm on android. And if it is intended what is the logic of this? Cost me a game bcoz i couldn't see my board, therefore i couldn't choose the optimal card to play. Thanks Edit: card I played...
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