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  1. GrumpyFranky

    Skill Checks Increase/Scale with Level? (2.0)

    The creator of Convo Skill Check Scaling did explain how the attribute checks worked pre 2.0, quoting: I did looked recently at file attribute_checks.curveset using Wolvenkit and the curves look roughly the same (Easy is now 4-10, having contant 4 between 1-3 on X axis). From here I just can...
  2. GrumpyFranky

    Patch 2.01

    Quick question - do you happen to use any mods? Because I have the same issue. For me it's I can call vehicle only once per reloading save.
  3. GrumpyFranky

    Skill Checks Increase/Scale with Level? (2.0)

    Maybe it's because skill checks scaling universally ruins immersion and logic, when arguments of people support scaling that it enhances theirs immersion, because "now they can go to every disctrict like in real city; valentinos shouldn't be stronger than maelstroms, game is not boring after X...
  4. GrumpyFranky

    Skill Checks Increase/Scale with Level? (2.0)

    Well, my current guess is that CDPR kinda trapped themselves because of implementation of enemies scaling. Pre 2.0 the level for each area was set prior, so the creators had rough idea how the player will progress through the districts. And checks for dialogue, environment were tuned more or...
  5. GrumpyFranky

    Skill Checks Increase/Scale with Level? (2.0)

    I bring bad news unfortunately. Yesterday I've reported the skill checks scaling as an issue through official bug report page, stating that this change is not included in change log and maybe it's unintentional side effect of implementing level scaling to the game. I've just received the...
  6. GrumpyFranky

    Aktualizacja 2.01 już wkrótce (znane problemy)

    Mam szczerą nadzieję, że w patchu 2.01 zaadresowany będzie problem ze skalowaniem testów na atrybuty wraz ze wzrostem poziomu V. Bardzo mocno ogranicza to możliwości wyboru, czy to w dialogach czy przy planowaniu ścieżki przez jakiś quest (chociażby możliwość realizacji questu z Brendanem -...
  7. GrumpyFranky

    Is there really no aim toggle or i'm just blind ?

    Toggle meaning you do not have to HOLD right mouse button. Click once to aim down sights, click second time - you stop aiming down sights. But yes, unfortunately there is still no toggle for this function, which is bummer especially when after 2.0 Cyberpunk shifted to being more FPS and action...
  8. GrumpyFranky

    Skill Checks Increase/Scale with Level? (2.0)

    I'm going through the changelog again I'm leaning towards that indeed it's a bug. Any mentions of scaling consider only: NPCs, weapons, loot, and vendors. Sure, it's not list of all changes, but introducing such a big change as skill checks scaling would make it on the change list I guess.
  9. GrumpyFranky

    Not playing until the scaling issues are addressed.

    Feel you there, I made same decision after noticing yesterday, after having invested 30 hours in game, that skill checks are starting to look too high in comparison to what I remember from pre 2.0. The best solution would be just make scaling toggleable in options.
  10. GrumpyFranky

    Skill Checks Increase/Scale with Level? (2.0)

    I'm really moved with this skill check scaling to the point I lost my will to play further at this moment. I've only did one playthrough back on release in 2020 so I was very excited to do second one with expansion. I didn't noticed the scaling up until Delemain finale and that really high INT...
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