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    Project Orion Wishlist

    And suffice it to say, when people get their hands on the game they'll all be gushing about "It's the most Dragon Age-y game in the series!" just like people gush about Inquisition now, despite the rather stark difference between it and the actual "Grimdark" Origins. Enough people laude DA2 and...
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    Project Orion Wishlist

    Honestly... DA:TV isn't really "Switching the artistic direction completely" The series has been trending this way since DA2 started taking the series away from Origins and its Baldur's Gate inspiration. Personally, playing DA:I I never got the feeling of "Dragon Age" like with Origins. Yet...
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    Project Orion Wishlist

    I think what makes this hard is the exact setting of Cyberpunk itself. There's the dichotomy between the vibrant neon colours that are characteristic of the theme, and the dark gritty realism that is the satirical take on a dystopian future based on exaggerating real life parallels. Like...
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    Project Orion Wishlist

    I suppose that would ultimately depend on how the player identifies with the game. Are they pretending that they ARE V? So having Royce's gun in their face helps solidify that feeling of being V in that situation. Or are they simply WATCHING V? Whereby they're disassociated from the character...
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    Project Orion Wishlist

    Arguable. I'd rate W3, their best melee combat game, as merely "Passable" combat. Simply good enough to let the world keep a player interested. With W1 and W2 having pretty bad combat (W1 being so bad I could never actually finish the game) Meanwhile, you have games like Chivalry, Morhau...
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    CDPR hires Ubisoft writer as lead writer for Project Orion

    And maybe the main character will be the main character and not sidelined by some random douchecanoe....
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    Orion - continue V story or begin new one?

    They're not mutually exclusive. Acting as though CP2077 didn't exist (Or rather, not continuing the CP story within the confines of what occurred in CP2077) is both the easiest method of creating sequels with the Cyberpunk IP AND also on brand for the setting itself. Given that the setting is...
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    Orion - continue V story or begin new one?

    Depending on choice, Jackie gets an engram created or not. Which V would most likely reference at some point given how close they were (As well as if Misty makes a reappearance) It's not just about the downfall of the Voodoo Boys, but V's interaction with both them and Netwatch. In one...
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    Orion - continue V story or begin new one?

    Not entirely true. They can do the "It's an indeterminate amount of time later and everything managed to defy the odds and get back to normal using undefined means and people only vaguely recall what happened" thing. Whereby irregardless of the ending people chose V still manages to be a...
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    Project Orion Wishlist

    This isn't due to vehicles. Back before 2.0 rework, I used to sprint everywhere because it was faster than trying to drive the abominations masquerading as vehicles. The experience of the atmosphere was exactly the same as after the rework when vehicles are actually drivable (I use this term...
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    The game seems to be a little Lack-Luster

    Mostly, but not entirely. Boring can be objectively noted in some cases. Things like Ubisoft titles with the map full of repetitive tasks. They can become boring after a while when it's the same thing over and over. Even if someone overall likes the game and had fun with it such a thing can...
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    The game seems to be a little Lack-Luster

    That's not the exact opposite... OP also stated GTA V gets boring super quick. They were comparing how boring CP2077 gets to GTA V. I can understand that. Gameplay wise, CP2077 has its limitations. Between OP things like Sandevistan or full netrunner builds, the relatively low weapon...
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    10 things I wanted Cyberpunk to have while we wait for Orion in 2028. (Not NG+)

    Not particularly. However, I'm going to guess that the "Looter Shooter" aspects of CP2077 with all the random drops and random stats makes people think it's a looter game, in which "Endgame" content is the norm. Likely also exacerbated by the fact that the ending doesn't end the game. You...
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    My problem with the new skill tree - and it's effects on combat

    Both skill trees suck. But the new one is better than the old one. The old one was boring. It was mostly just a bunch of generic "You do more damage with X gun". While the new one at least provides perks that give some additional functionality, which is more interesting to build around. Of...
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    Should the next Cyberpunk have multiplayer?

    I'm firmly on the side of no multiplayer. Multiplayer requires development time and resources. It also often has a knock on effect into single player portions of a game (Such as how they might have to implement time slowing effects) Given that CP2077, which is entirely single player, was not...
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    Add a bow as a weapon

    Because modders have infinite time to develop whatever they want? CDPR made the game years ago, then spent their time making the 2.0 overhaul and have since just done some minor work on bug fixes and implementing a few extras (That were probably mostly done but cut from the actual release/2.0 drop)
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    The vehicle theft mission timers feel like bullshit

    I just ignored the vehicle combat during those missions. It's super easy to just drive right past enemies and they leave you alone after a short distance. Thus meaning there's literally no reason to bother actually fighting them.
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    mods for console players

    Yeah, consoles are always under scrutiny by Microsoft and Sony. Even official patches need to be approved before they can be shipped on consoles (This is why you sometimes see delays between PC and Console updates). So while players and developers might wish to enable mod support on consoles...
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    What do we know about release dates of upcoming CDPR games?

    What we know from their strategy update they released a while back: Is that they're splitting the production of different games between studios, they now have 2 main studios (NA and EU) and The...
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    Project Orion Wishlist

    To be fair, they did sort of address the lack of small gangs and random acts of crime. There's a mission where some people try to rob a restaurant and one of the ways of completing it is by reminding them that they're in 6th Street territory and if they went through with the robbery, that would...
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