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    The Joke Thread

    Reverend Mother enters the room and says: "We have carrots" Nuns exclaimed in joy, "But sadly they are grated"
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    FP VS TP - perspective matters

    Seeing people being triggered by trivialities is funny, in the end it's just a gimmick, thing that changed or removed changes nothing. I'll be mad if they made over the shoulder and character was 40% of screen.
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    Trailer Analysis - some details

    And goof around 0:23-0:25 is blink or miss, couple of people are missing.
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    FP VS TP - perspective matters

    There is medicine and FOV slider to help with it.
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    FP VS TP - perspective matters

    But we'll see how it'll be.
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    FP VS TP - perspective matters

    I don't think it's that big of problem, bummer but can be lived with.
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    Older Release Date and General Speculation Thread.

    We'll see what'll happen after all "Heresy grows from idleness"
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    If you're looking to buy the Cyberpunk 2020 rule book and setting books:

    Do they deliver in to other countries?
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    what platform are you gonna play on?

    True enough, I hate when you want to play a game but you have to wait through big ass patch to play it.
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    what platform are you gonna play on?

    And I'm more plug and play gamer so I'm leaning more towards console gaming.
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    what platform are you gonna play on?

    It beats never seeing a guy that you are playing with.
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    Cyberpunk character illustration requests

    Now I'm cringing at what I wrote.
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    Cyberpunk artworks gallery

    I like it's artstile
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    what platform are you gonna play on?

    I'll might consider PC, only if it'll have pre order bonus like Witcher 3 had (I meant Neverwinter Nights and witcher 3 comic book), if not then PS4, for physical stuff like maps and stickers, or if expansions (IF it'll have expansions) will have some stuff too.
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    what platform are you gonna play on?

    Can't decide. Either PC or PS4, or both like Witcher 3.
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    upcoming "CP" movies

    I liked him in Nice guys though. Anyway I heard that they are aiming at R rating don't know if it'll be true.
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    "CD Projekt Red Preparing For Hostile Takeover" What will happen to Cyberpunk?

    Fucking hell. One bad new after another, first Trump now this.
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    Cyberpunk artworks gallery

    Cool, I wonder how Batman Beyond would look.
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    Cyberpunk 2020 Novels by Stephen Billias

    Probably even less with Bethesda. ---------- Updated at 09:18 PM ---------- It hit me home, because I know jack and shit of everything related cyberpunk tabletop. Especially it's mechanics.
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