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  1. heskyttberg

    Game crashes once in about 1h

    I'm pretty sure they already know what causes the problem, since I and others told them multiple times. IT IS CAUSED BY MEMORY LEAKS. This is the reason why it happens more often in parts of the game like the heist. Every time game loads new area/movie clip there is huge memory leaks so when...
  2. heskyttberg

    Patch 1.23

    It seems like all these bugfixes are workarounds for the bugs and not actual fixes to the underlying systems that creates the bugs. If my what I suspect is correct the code will eventually be so bloated making it run even slower then now. I agree it could have been a great game, just if they...
  3. heskyttberg


    So you think character response to chatting is bland in Skyrim and Fallout games and sure, but look at when they were released, cmon. Don't expect huge change in facial expressions and feel in games that were made when the gfx engine and hardware at time of development didn't support things...
  4. heskyttberg

    My biggest bother of this game [Spoilers]

    The biggest fails of this story and what makes replays not very fun is: 1. The LONG intro, in my opinion the game does not really start until the map opens and you can chose what you want to do first. This takes at least 2-3 hours for most people unless you speed run it. That is way too long...
  5. heskyttberg

    PS5 - Crash issue.

    If you search the forums people on PS5 say it's a bit better, but since CP i still not back in PSN store I highly doubt it is completely fixed.
  6. heskyttberg

    Game safe to play yet? (PS4)

    This can happen because you think a mission finished properly and later you realize it didn't. And it doesn't matter if you just want to finish the game, but if you want the achievements it's better to loose 20 hours then have to restart from the beginning. I played from release and in total I...
  7. heskyttberg

    6 month game retrospective...lets talk

    The biggest issue with this game is replaying is no fun. The intro/teaching is way too long if you speed it it takes just over an hour, at least on console. For a game where there are some very nice clothes armor to wear and use, why is there no way to see myself. Why can you change the length...
  8. heskyttberg

    Challenge to tell me what is so new/innovative/never done before in CP?

    I never said the game wasn't looking great, It was awsome on PS4 Pro after first patch/hotfixes but then it went downhill quickly. I never said it was a bad game or bad storytelling. Simply what is so new and innovative and mind blowing hard to code that it is fine with crashes like this ? Save...
  9. heskyttberg

    Challenge to tell me what is so new/innovative/never done before in CP?

    So what in this game is so fresh/new and so on to excuse the poor state the game is in even after patch 1.2 ? Some may say BD and my answer is: Detroit: Become human ( might be others ) Some may say implants and my answer is: Fallout: NW, Fallout 4 ( might be others ) Weapon mods: Just no, been...
  10. heskyttberg

    3 gigs won't trigger

    I don't know which ones your missing but some gigs do not pop up unless you do other gig in other areas first. Like the music ones where you need to finish before getting the mission for the girl group. There are others like this also and while a bit annoying this is not only in CP many other...
  11. heskyttberg

    Cyberpsycho: Bloody Ritual Still broken 1.2

    If you did not TALK to the dying guy mission get bugged and you would need to start from scratch. There is a few ways this can happen. You enter area and start scanning stuff, guy dies now it can never be completed. Maybe you went to area but didn't want to do the mission at that time, again...
  12. heskyttberg

    Brendan's Second Quest Still not Fixed in 1.2 (+ some other bugs I've noticed)

    When approaching the area and this is the most important part: SCAN NOTHING Go talk to the guy dying, before he dies ( this is very important if he dies before talking mission will bug out and it is a really dumb way of designing mission, especially when the mission updates take too long so that...
  13. heskyttberg

    PS5 - Crash issue.

    So why have that never been needed for any game before in my 35 years of experience ?
  14. heskyttberg

    Patch 1.2 in PS4 PRO

    Just ask for a refund and if you really want the game go get a disc copy for as little as €25 game stores are dumping disc copy prices because they can't get rid of inventory. Then wait maybe a year or more before coming back and if it's not fixed by then it will never be.
  15. heskyttberg

    PS5 - Crash issue.

    Why need to clear the cache ? I would love a deep technical description to understand why this would help ? I have been playing on console since playstation ONE. I have never ever needed to do a reset/reinstall of any console. Consoles I used since kid, Nintendo 8/16 Xbox 360 Playstation...
  16. heskyttberg

    Unable to switch weapons in the inventory... after 1.2

    This bug/feature has been in game since release
  17. heskyttberg

    Patch 1.2

    Just ask for refund, at least the game looked good for the one hour you could play on ps4 pro. ( I did ) Now looking through posts here it is even worse after last patch compared to before.
  18. heskyttberg

    Patch 1.2

    It's not hard to change. The problem is that every item/object loading in/out leaks memory for them. The more items loading in/out ( longer drawing distance ) the quicker memory leak will crash the game. The problem with cyberpunk is that is doesn't only leak when loding in/out, it leaks while...
  19. heskyttberg

    So, how does the Physical Edition work when upgrading to Next Gen?

    You will be able to get the new version for PS5, but you still need to have to old original disc in your console. This is same as when moving from PS3 to PS4, I forgot what game it was but that is how it will work. So if you delete the game from your PS5, you need to put old disc in and if...
  20. heskyttberg

    WORLD with no EPIC & LEGENDARY loot

    This can happen when you are not high enough level to get best possible loot from a container. Like the bag in corridors outside apartment. If looted at start of game it will just contain food or scrap or even be empty. If you wait until 40+ you might get a legendary. The problem is that loot...
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