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  1. Sandy57

    1.3 "silent" major improvements... VERY GOOD patch cdpr :)

    So maybe a loading problem on my side PS: j'ai du chercher car je ne connaissais pas ce mot hahaha
  2. Sandy57

    1.3 "silent" major improvements... VERY GOOD patch cdpr :)

    It's rainning more in mine too but the rain is touched by loading time when driving... The rain stops in order to load before going again... Am I the only one with that ?
  3. Sandy57

    Black Caliburn won't repair

    Did you try to destroy it completely ? Explose it and then resummon it ? Will it change something or do you get a burning car coming ?
  4. Sandy57

    CDPR Just Hired MODDERS to Help Fix Cyberpunk 2077 & Add Mod Support

    The way I see it ? The modders will help to devellop customisation, improvement and stuff like this, when the main staff will focus on DLC, and other story-driven improvement. I think it's a win-win for all ! I think they cannot really work on DLC with stuff to correct. Sometimes you just need...
  5. Sandy57

    REXX - Cyberpunk 2077 Music Concepts

    What the heck ? I have never seen this thread before ! The good point : I was able to enjoy all tracks one after another !! I really like them. Thanks for sharing ! =)
  6. Sandy57

    Combat Music no longer activating / playing??

    More than annoying xD I have old saves, pre-1.23 and when I load them I still got the battle music But the new ones, made post-1.23 (even from a game started before 1.23) I haven't got any music. I haven't reported it yet but I will thanks for the advice. I haven't checked other issues cause I...
  7. Sandy57

    Combat Music no longer activating / playing??

    Hello. I've also been experiencing this issue on my 3 caracters. The only combat music playing is the one when I got 3-4 stars (the bad ass max tack music, even when it's Afterlife's Mercenaries coming). I loaded old save files and it seems to work again, but it will made me lose at least 50h :x...
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