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  1. NihilisticHeart

    Please fix Reaver’s ability so it isn’t broken in Gwentfinity

    It’s the only card that can be broken in the balance council and all because it wasn’t changed like Ciri and Nekker were. Its effect should be changed to “Spawn a 1-power copy of self to this row.” But wait?? Wouldn’t that mean the spawned copy can also spawn copies of itself? NO! Because it’s...
  2. NihilisticHeart

    Put the Balance Council menu card where the Reward Book menu card used to be

    It shouldn’t be on the far right where the Deck Builder card used to be. It messes with my muscle memory too much. I keep trying to go to the Deck Builder and keep going to the Balance Council instead. it should be where the Reward Book card used to be as that’s what it’s replacing on the main...
  3. NihilisticHeart

    Emhyr should be able to play a bronze Agent as well

    You need to relax. I never suggested he should play two cards. I said that the Agent tag should be added as an option of a bronze card he can play (as he fits agents more than soldiers and aristocrats). Emhyr is meant to to synergize with agents and disloyal units as he can seize spying enemies...
  4. NihilisticHeart

    Emhyr should be able to play a bronze Agent as well

    It shouldn’t only be a bronze soldier or aristocrat. He fits multiple archetypes, including spying. In fact that’s his main archetype. He should be allowed to play bronze agents as well.
  5. NihilisticHeart

    Viraxis: King is worthless

    A great idea as well! That way he could be played early but you’re not forced to use his order early or risk having him destroyed/locked.
  6. NihilisticHeart

    Munro Bruys is way overcosted

    Okay maybe 9p is a bit too low. I feel 10 is honestly fair though. He’s really slow, requires set-up, and wouldn’t be playing for anything other 10p cards don’t even after three transformations. I do remember yeah. And yeah maybe that package together is a bit much. I know I’m probably just...
  7. NihilisticHeart

    Viraxis: King is worthless

    There’s 0 benefit over Viraxis: Outcast. Unlike all the other 5 evolving cards, Viraxis: King usually wants to be played as late as possible. The best strategy is to reuse a strong duel unit (Seltkirk or Anseis). But those cards are typically only played later in the round when the opponent has...
  8. NihilisticHeart

    Munro Bruys is way overcosted

    It’s crazy how he’s still 12 provisions despite how slow he is. He used to be able to transform 3 Rowdy Dwarves at once. Now at one per turn, on every two turns if he doesn’t have armor, and the condition of not being locked/destroyed as well as having rowdy dwarves on the field, he shouldn’t be...
  9. NihilisticHeart

    Make Armory’s order ability spawn Armorer’s Workshop

    which is why I said it should be given a provisions increase. 9 or 10 seem fair. Depending on if they change the deploy ability or not.
  10. NihilisticHeart

    Make Armory’s order ability spawn Armorer’s Workshop

    Obviously it would need a provisions increase, but it would make it playable, and also synergize with the new passive Armorer’s Workshop gets if played while another copy is in the graveyard. Idk maybe its deploy could be changed too, and it could be like 8-10 provisions? It would make it a good...
  11. NihilisticHeart

    Improvements to Cycle Quests

    Instead of having a cycle filter (which then becomes useless as most quests still only allow you to play cards from a specific set instead of all current cycle sets), why don’t the cycle quests include *all* cycle sets. Instead of only choosing some, why don’t all quests become “Win x/Play x/Do...
  12. NihilisticHeart

    Seltkirk missing the Cursed tag

    Seems kind of obvious. He used to have it too.
  13. NihilisticHeart

    Are they still going to give us a way to hide starter decks?

    I heard that they previously announced they were going to implement a way to hide starter decks if you wanted so they weren’t visible in the deck list. This is really needed. It’s very annoying seeing an additional 6 decks in a vertical list when you’re trying to go through your different decks...
  14. NihilisticHeart

    Hjalmar an Craite doesn’t have the pirate tag

    Hjalmar: Seawolf has it. His original card should have it too.
  15. NihilisticHeart

    Missing alchemy tags

    Ale of the Ancestors, Tainted Ale, and Sangreal, should have the alchemy tag. They’re no different than Mahakam Ale and Golden Froth which both have the alchemy tag. It would incentivize their use in alchemy decks as well.
  16. NihilisticHeart

    Gaunter O’Dimm and Avallac’h rework??

    These cards are way too cool to have such bad and dead effects.
  17. NihilisticHeart

    Not getting the old Calanthe, Eithne, and Usurper arts sucks

    Most of all Calanthe. While the old Usurper and Eithne arts were really good and will be missed, they at least have other cards in the game. Calanthe has no cards in the game representing her. It’s sad. It would be nice if they released these three before the end, but it seems that’s not going...
  18. NihilisticHeart

    Skellige units that should have the pirate and warrior tags

    If there were more bronze units that have the pirate tag, it would give them a reason to be used in an Onslaught deck over the overused bronze packages since they’d have synergy with their leader. It would also improve cards like Tidecloak Hideaway and Crach which synergize with that tag...
  19. NihilisticHeart

    In the last card drop, can we get the last 4 leader arts?

    We’re still missing 4 of them. Eithne, Usurper, Calanthe, and Adda. Adda and Calanthe, two cool characters, have no representation in the game anymore. I know Eithne and Usurper do because they already have cards in the game, but it would still be nice to have their old arts back as separate...
  20. NihilisticHeart

    Make Woodland Spirit 10 power

    Force of Nature is probably the weakest Monsters leader besides Carapace. At least if he’s 10 power, he can help synergize with the new cards and the new Might effect. That way he can be used in decks other than Relicts and Thrive occasionally.
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