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  1. DarkAve17

    🎉The Welcome Thread

    Well i did not dare to play on my 2080 RTX with 16GB DDR4 2.6 GHz so....
  2. DarkAve17

    Wireless Controller Disconnected

    Hey guys i Just encountered a problem on PS4. So if for a moment you log in to another user on your system the game will get stuck on the "Wireless Controller Disconnected" Screen and no way is it possible to remove it unless you restart the game
  3. DarkAve17

    🎉The Welcome Thread

    I see a barcode below the Hard difficulty option. I really wanna scan it and see what it is so I thought of looking for a forum but now I see that no one has posted it yet. Guess I am the first but I cannot post anything yet soo...
  4. DarkAve17

    Will You Watch CP2077 Content (videos, streams, etc.) When the Game is Released?

    I guess I will play the game itself🙂🎉
  5. DarkAve17

    It looks like my CP2k77 is updating with a 9.7 Gb patch?

    There are none on PS4
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